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What is Galactic Astrology? How can Galactic Astrology help you?

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Galactic Astrology examines the alignments between the positions of the planets and important points in the astrological natal chart relative to the position of the fixed stars at the moment of birth.

What on Earth does this mean?!

At the moment of your birth, the luminaries (Sun & Moon) and planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were each at a specific degree in the zodiac wheel. In my practice, I use the Western tropical zodiac degrees.

* Also, all the asteroids (such as Vesta and Juno), centaurs (such as Chiron and Chariklo) and dwarf planets (such as Ceres, Eris, and Sedna) were also at specific degrees in the zodiac wheel when you were born.

At the moment of your birth, the important angles of your birth chart and other significant points were also generated at specific zodiac degrees. These include the Ascendant or Rising Sign, the Descendant or DC, the Midheaven or MC at the top of your chart, and the Imun Coeli or IC at the base of the chart, as well as the Part of Fortune and others.

Just by looking at a particular planet or point in your natal chart, its zodiac sign, house placement, and aspects to other planets and points in your chart, we can learn a great deal about the inner workings of your psyche.

By looking at the zodiac sign, house placement and aspects involving Pluto and the Nodes of the Moon, we can uncover clues about your "past" and "future" life experiences. The Nodes of the Moon are the intersecting points between the Moon’s path around the Earth and the Sun’s apparent path around the Earth, the ecliptic.

In my own astrological learning journey, I gobbled up all this information as quickly, thoroughly, and deeply as I could, really meditating with my own chart and reflecting on my own inner workings and greater soul's experience.

However, I suspected correctly that there was more to be learned.

The astrological chart holds an infinite reservoir of information within it, if one only remembers how to read it.

I first heard about Galactic Astrology from my teacher Julia Balaz. Thanks to Julia, Galactic Astrology is a growing field of specialization with over 60 certified practitioners, as of May 2024 .

Julia created Galactic Astrology largely by studying the astrological charts of thousands of her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) clients. Many of her clients recalled galactic experiences and soul connections beyond the Earth.

Julia was able to correlate her clients' regressed memories and stories from their higher selves and soul experiences both on and off the Earth with her clients' natal astrological charts, when she included the Fixed Stars alignments.

In other words, to understand and properly contextualize her clients off-planet stories within astrology, Julia had to go beyond the Solar System and include the fixed stars in her investigation.

The fixed stars are amongst the thousands of stars observable from the Earth that all exist within the spiraling arms of the Milky Way Galaxy.

They are fixed, compared to the planets that move (orbit) around a particular star.

The stars appear to be more fixed in their position in the zodiac wheel. However, the stars are moving too, and we upon the Earth are also moving along with our star, the Sun.

The fixed stars only move about 1 degree apparently backwards along the zodiac wheel every 72 years due to the precession of the equinox.

This precession is why the Western tropical zodiac wheel, which accounts for Earth's seasons, does not match the Eastern, Vedic, or sidereal zodiac wheel, which exactly corresponds to the zodiac constellations in the heavens.

The Western tropical zodiac accounts for Earth's seasons and uses the zodiac SIGNS archetypally; whereas, the Eastern sidereal zodiac does not account for Earth's seasons and rather matches exactly the zodiac CONSTELLATIONS.

Western astrology focuses on the zodiac signs and their archetypes; whereas, Eastern astrology matches the zodiac constellations' positions exactly.

The zodiac signs and constellations do not match up exactly in their meanings, and when one studies the fixed stars, this becomes very apparent. For example, the free-spirited and optimistic Sagittarius zodiac sign is very different from the Sagittarius constellation, which carries a warrior type energy.

It's also important to mention here that the stars that are not within the zodiac constellations are not really fixed upon the zodiac wheel. They are calculated in a way so that they are projected onto the zodiac wheel.

The zodiac wheel in the astrology chart is the ecliptic, the path where the planets orbit around the Sun and where the Moon and Sun rise and set from our perspective here on Earth.

The zodiac constellations are moving along the ecliptic, ever so slowly, apparently backwards about 1 degree every 72 years.

However, there are many constellations filled with many stars within the night's sky that are not on the ecliptic. They rise and set in locations other than due East and due West, where the Sun and the planets rise and set in our sky each day and night.

For some reason, projecting the stars onto the ecliptic for the purpose of astrological study does appear to work well and reveal more information about a person in terms of their natal chart and the more collective current energies in terms of the transiting planets.

As above -- including pretty much any way you want to intentionally measure and explore the above -- so below.

As within, so without.

Ok, so getting back to what is Galactic Astrology, let's take another example here within the context of the birth chart.

By looking at the fixed stars aligned to a client's natal Pluto, for example, we can see a clue about a possible soul origin. An alignment between the South Node of the Moon and a fixed star also hints at a previous life experience within the aligned star system.

Even if you don't believe in past lives -- which at times, I'm not even sure that I do! -- the star alignments to the natal planets and points can reveal important archetypal patterns that are meant to be lived, expressed, healed, and empowered at a higher frequency in the present human lifetime on Earth.

The star stories tend to confirm and build upon the stories already present within the natal astrological configuration of planets, points, their aspects, zodiac signs, and house placements.

The stars add additional layers of depth and meaning, contributing to a fuller, more complete resonance that maps onto the divine perfection and complexity of the evolving soul and spirit.

I tend to focus on the conjunct and opposite star alignments between a client's planets and points and a given fixed star. However, you can also look at trines, sextiles, and squares for even more nuanced information.

Each conjunct or opposite alignment between a person's natal planet or point and a fixed star reveals specific types of information about the person's soul experience within various star systems, the nature of their soul and spirit, their life and soul's purpose, and the archetypal themes they are meant to explore and master in the present lifetime on Earth.

Galactic Astrology also expands beyond the stars of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Galactic Astrology incorporates the black holes, such as the Galactic Center at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Super Galactic Center, the Great Attractor, and Shapley Attractor, also known as the Supra Cosmic Points.

Some Galactic Astrologers and Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioners even go beyond these four cosmic anomalies and account for other black holes that can be projected onto the zodiac wheel, and thus conjunct or opposite a person's natal planets and points.

Yes, each black hole in alignment to the important points and natal planets means something a little different for each person. It's really amazing.

The black holes are really fun to work with and to embody more consciously. This can easily lead one down many fun rabbit holes about - What is a black hole? Are we living inside a black hole universe? Is everything inside of me really a black hole, such that I am a complex system of many black holes? Oh yes, please go there, haha!

Galactic Astrology even goes beyond the Milky Way Galaxy and looks at alignments between the natal planets, important points, and other galaxies. Commonly, this includes Andromeda Galaxy, our closest neighboring galaxy. It can also include hundreds of other galaxies!

You can see how very quickly Galactic Astrology expands the already very expanded perspective of astrology beyond the confines of the Solar System and the ordinary planets of astrological study.

Used with sincerity, Galactic Astrology truly opens one's consciousness into ever-expanding horizons to incorporate more of one's innate wholeness and connection to All That Is.

Galactic Astrology, Intuition and Healing

What's fascinating about Galactic Astrology as I learned from Julia Balaz and practice in my own astrological work is the inclusion of intuition.

Practitioners of Galactic Astrology Soul Reading and Quantum Soul Guidance as taught by Julia are encouraged to use their intuition to tune into the soul records of clients. Many use pendulums, muscle testing, or receive insights and downloads through their clair senses and other modalities they are trained in.

Intuition is the key to connecting with a client's soul records and receiving the information most pertinent for a person to become aware of at the time of the reading.

As with many modalities, there are multiple right ways to "do" Galactic Astrology. 

As a Reiki practitioner, I wouldn't dream of doing a Galactic Astrology Soul Reading or going into a client's soul records for the first time without tuning in first via a Reiki journey.

I always begin first time Galactic Astrology Soul Reading clients with a remote Reiki journey that I channeled. It is called the Galactic Ancestry Reiki Journey Exchange of Multidimensional Light, Blessings, Miracles, and Magic.

This journey automatically performs a comprehensive Reiki healing across a client's entire soul history, going "back" to the original cause of any present lifetime issues that are up for healing. Reiki scans the client's entire soul experience and goes in to perform the healing, empowerment, and revealing work that is most needed at the time of the reading.

At the same time, I receive intuitive information when I am journeying for a client about their soul's experience and any guidance that is needed now.

Depending on the client, their intentions, the goals of the reading, and the timing of the reading, much information comes to light, such as the soul origin, the soul history in the galactic, the soul history on Earth, the presence of galactic and Earthly spirit guides, involvement with Earthly and galactic groups, the soul purpose, the life purpose, and spirit guides' divine guidance!

I write down all of this information as it comes through and share it at the beginning of any initial Galactic Astrology Soul Reading I am honored to share with a client.

After I receive information about a client in the Reiki journey, I usually work with oracle cards and begin to analyze a client's natal birth chart as well as their Galactic Astrology Charts, which expose their star alignments.

You can create a Galactic Astrology Chart for yourself for free by entering your birth data here.

There is a real depth, breadth, and wealth of information that comes through when looking at the natal and Galactic Astrology charts.

Many clients choose to return for follow up Galactic Astrology Readings, as it is nearly impossible to cover all the alignments in one reading. It can be very helpful and valuable to keep returning to the charts over time to more fully unpack and integrate them little by little into one's embodied daily life.

This works well, as the transiting planets in the heavens now will activate natal alignments, making their natal star alignments come alive and into awareness for healing, activation, and elevated embodiment now.

How can Galactic Astrology benefit you?

Here I'll share my own perspective and later I'll let some of the client testimonials speak for themselves.

For me, Galactic Astrology brought about a whole new dimension to my own birth chart, and it is a dimension that continues to unfold. It really expedited and accelerated my own rate of personal evolution and took my spiritual awakening to a new level. It has expanded my trust in my own inner guidance and intuition like never before.

I'll share the example of two simple but powerful alignments to my Ascendant that resonate so deeply and easily.

My Ascendant is at 24 degrees Sagittarius. The Ascendant in astrology speaks to how we come off to others that we meet for the first time in the world and in certain evolutionary astrology perspectives, it also speaks to our evolutionary school.

In this lifetime, I am in the "School of Sagittarius" learning the lessons and expressing the archetype of Sagittarius zodiac sign, which is about being a free-spirit, travel, exploration, higher mind study, philosophy, connecting with foreign lands & foreign people, being wild in nature, and embodying an uncompromising sense of optimism, beneficience, good fortune, good luck, trust, and faith in the goodness of creation.

This resonates tremendously and confirms how I choose to live my life. I love to travel and interact with people who are "different" than me. I moved far away from my hometown, and live in Hawaii, which feels like living abroad, as it is very different culturally from the mainland United States, in a way that is very pleasing and resonant for me. I am infinitely curious and passionate about teaching what I study and sharing wisdom with others. I've had to unlearn many limiting belief systems and reconstruct my own sense of inner truth and inner authority. I feel most like myself living close to the land, even as I spend much of my time working online connecting with an international community who shares a passion for astrology and Reiki.

Add to that that my Ascendant is conjunct the Galactic Center, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This confirmed to me how very sensitive I am and have been all of my life. This affirmed how my clair senses were activated since birth, and how I needed to supress them in order to function in society. It also validated my process, since around 2012, of unlearning the suppression, healing and actually revealing an even greater sensitivity, and learning to manage my sensitivity skillfully thanks to Reiki.

Now I understand that my sensitivity is my superpower. It can still be too much sometimes, and that's my cue that I need to relax, take it easy, and invite Reiki to help me heal another layer that's hiding my light from its full brightness.

My Ascendant conjunct the Galactic Center takes my Leo Sun and South Node in the 8th house to a whole new level, as I am encouraged to allow myself and my spiritual growth to be the center of my life in order to find a sense of inner peace and divine order. It gives me permission I need to be me, a channel of galactic energy, and with Reiki's assistance, a channel of enlightened galactic energy of a deeply healing nature.

My Ascendant is also conjunct Ras Alhague star in Ophiuchus constellation. This is the Healer's Star. This underscores my life's purpose and soul intentions to be a healer and to develop my healing skills as fully as possible in this lifetime. This is why I am here, and this is what I am meant to do.

I am also here to teach what I learn and what I know to help others. I am here to share healing with others and empower others in their innate ability to heal themselves too. I am here to be a channel of healing energy for as long as I am present on Earth. I am fully committed to this, and I am so grateful to have Reiki as a means to accomplish this for the highest good of all.

I could go on and on about just these two alignments to my Ascendant...that's how powerful and deeply affirming this information is.

What Clients Are Saying About Galactic Astrology

“I am very new to astrology, and am definitely a beginner. I loved that Taylor asked for my experience/knowledge level as part of her booking questionnaire, it made me comfortable right from that start since I knew I would be learning from her at my current knowledge level.  I have to say that I was blown away right at the start of the reading when Taylor provided me with the outcome of the Reiki journey she had taken for me as part of the reading. The message provided was magical and provided a message that I needed to hear right now and left me so very open and receptive for all the nitty gritty details of the reading.  The fact that Taylor provides documents from AND recordings of the session allowed me to fully focus on listening, knowing that I can go back and review as many times as I need allowed me to just enjoy the experience, rather than worrying about catching all the nuggets of wisdom and insight in real time, of which there were so many!  In this one session, Taylor taught me so much, and has made me so interested in continuing to learn about these aspects of myself and how to apply this knowledge in my 3D and 5D life. AND left me with so much curiosity about Galactic Astrology... I cannot wait to keep learning from her!”—VS

"Would you like to go on a journey? 

Taylor will take you on a magical spiritual journey through your own past, present and future. As you travel with your own personal experiences in the galaxy of stars you will meet your dreams on your way to know who you are in this universe and receive gifts from your soul. Galactic Astrology Soul Reading and Quantum Soul Guidance with Taylor is a practical and a spiritual tool for your journey don't leave without it.” —KJ

“I highly recommend Taylor Norris as a galactic astrologer. It’s hard to put into words what a deeply beautiful, transformative, and expansive experience it is to have a galactic reading. When I saw my astrological chart and then my galactic chart I was deeply moved with the perfection of the way we plan our lives and the information and clues we leave for ourselves to help us along our path. I felt grateful to have chosen Taylor to do this reading for me because of her beautiful loving energy. There is a certain vulnerability in having someone look at your soul’s journey but I felt completely safe and respected with Taylor. The galactic reading helped me to connect many dots tying my past and present experiences together. As a bonus, it is an experience that keeps on giving because every time I read the information, more is revealed to me. I've read it many times and every time I say," I don’t remember ever having read that before." The reading seems to be expanding with my own expansion. I look forward to what it will reveal to me in the future!”—Rebecca

“I recently had the privilege of experiencing an amazing and interesting Galactic Astrology Soul Reading from Taylor that went beyond my expectations and inspired curiosity, new ideas and a sense of calm. From start to finish, the session was an illuminating journey that has enriched my understanding of self and life in profound ways.

Taylor possesses a depth of knowledge and expertise, understanding and explaining the somewhat confusing to me, threads of my birth chart. Her ability to articulate complex astrological concepts in a way that made sense to me made the session not only insightful but also deeply empowering.

What sets this astrology reading apart is the personalized and compassionate approach taken, including the charts, the slide show and recordings. Taylor skillfully navigated through the celestial/galactic map of my life, unraveling the mysteries of my personality, strengths, and challenges with accuracy. Including aspects of my life, from relationships to career and personal growth, she explored some of these new concepts with care and discernment.

I appreciate Taylor’s intuitive and empathetic approach. Creating a safe and open space for me to reflect on my experiences, validating my feelings and encouraging self-discovery. The reading wasn't just about predicting the future but understanding the present and unlocking the potential for positive possibilities. I can't wait!

I am in gratitude to Taylor for sharing her celestial insights and guiding me on this journey. I am truly grateful for the profound impact this experience has had moving forward.”—DS

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