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Reiki Class Testimonials

Reiki 1 & 2 Testimonial:

“The 2-day Reiki I & II training with Taylor was the most wonderful and valuable experience. An absolute blessing!! Taylor is a kind, gentle, loving soul and a natural born teacher. From her patient manner, flexible approach, clear instructions and demonstrations to the meticulous teaching material and visuals, Taylor guided me through each part of this training with the greatest care, patience and compassion. The meditations and learning to use the symbols were particularly special. I was truly amazed by how I went from zero knowledge of the symbols to feeling a close connection with these by day 2. Such a blessing to be in Taylor’s presence and receive this spiritual knowledge and gift. I feel this is just the beginning of my journey with Reiki…”—YO


“The most magical and wonderful 2-day Reiki training and experience! You have ignited something beautiful within me. I am so grateful divine Taylor!! The meditations with the placements felt filled with light - I drifted into a beautiful space. While receiving and giving Distant Reiki, I felt great peace and love. It felt so peaceful receiving Reiki and an honour to be given the chance to practise to give Reiki. I was surprised to feel so comfortable in our practice of giving Reiki and using the symbols. My favorite parts of the class included the meditations, particularly the Ocean of Holy Love and learning to use the symbols.”—YO 

Reiki Master Testimonial:

"Taylor is a gifted teacher with profound knowledge and capability to explain and give Reiki instructions in a wonderful way. With her loving kindness and joy she is a treasure for every student. She is a living example of what she teaches. A great experience and a real blessing to work with her. Thank you!


I passed 3 days of intensive work with Taylor in this Master Class that were very enjoyable, profound and transformative. She is a real gifted teacher! I never imagined that an online class could be so profound. Taylor’s incredible knowledge and wisdom is mind blowing and her light-filled presence is pure joy to be with! Thank you so much! 


I am impressed how well these Ignitions work directly from source! Every ignition was different and a deep going experience! I liked everything in this class, but I was really blown away by the well prepared power point  Taylor had prepared. It was so well researched and explained. I loved it very much and it helped a lot in understanding everything. I do not think that anything was lacking. I enjoyed every moment of this transformative class. Thank you Taylor with all my heart!"—Isolde Regina Pluta


Reiki Master Testimonial:

“Taylor is a natural teacher and her obvious love of and devotion to the Reiki energy underlies everything she teaches. She holds a sacred space for her students to receive the Reiki transmissions and also do their own healing work. She was respectful of my background in a different Reiki lineage, and thoughtful in her replies to my questions. I would definitely take another class with Taylor and recommend her to other students... arohanui.”—Linda Ojala


“Taylor is a living example of someone who is following the call of her Spirit, and the Spirit of Reiki. Her deep passion for this work is evident in all she has done to prepare for the classes and the smooth flow of the classes themselves. She is patient and kind hearted - which creates the healing space for anything which arises to be freely shared - without judgement. Her fantastic sense of humour keeps things lively - so the classes are FUN! Her knowledge of Galactic Astrology adds a new element to the teachings as well. The Holy Fire III Reiki has made a palpable difference in my every day life - thank you. And with my clients as well... rivers of love and of peace in their soul journeys.”—Linda Ojala

Reiki 1 & 2 Testimonial:

“Taylor did a fabulous presentation throughout the 2 day training and was very thorough in presenting the course material. Her slide show was very clear and visually pleasing. There were ample breaks throughout the two days, and this assisted after doing placements for integration of the energy. I was always asked if I understood the material and if I had any questions. My questions were always answered in a clear manner to make sure I fully understood the material. I also appreciated Taylor doing the online class even though I ended up being the only one attending. I appreciated her dedication and her love for this modality. I would highly recommend Taylor to others who are looking to add Reiki to their energy tool box.


“I thoroughly enjoyed my Holy Fire Reiki training. Taylor was very knowledgeable, calm, confident with the course content, and her love for Reiki shined through. I found the power point presentation informative, visually pleasing and Taylor was able to naturally add to the information with her own words and knowledge and lived experience that bought the content alive and this was its own energy transmission in itself. Very Grateful. 


My Ignitions were both very powerful. Both times very deep. At first a little mind chatter. Once surrendering I felt a direct experience from the transmission both times going into a deep state of slumber. I had no music playing and can remember very calming like angelic music playing in the background. I also felt the presence of founders of the modality with me and also other guides, ancestors, animals and star family with me also. Both Placements were very different.


I felt my lower chakras experienced deep healing. Overall it was a very gentle and profound experience. I really enjoyed being taught by someone (Taylor) being so dedicated and committed to her craft and seeing her passion for the modality shine through. The information was taught in a way that was easy to understand and practical to implement. I also liked that it was a very balanced exchange of giving and receiving. I think the coarse was set out very well, and I was very happy with the service and would be happy to do over again. I would not change a thing! 


PS Would have loved to be there in person but grateful for online! Thanks for providing online opportunities when I am in a different country!”—Jodie Child, Australia

Reiki 1 & 2 Testimonial:

“The course covers a wide range of everything that makes the soul of Reiki, it has been very spiritually nourishing for me. I liked feeling carried by the wave of a vibration of love and fraternity. I am grateful and honored to be part of the Reiki family.


I really appreciated the quality of the illustrations and explanatory texts, to bring a philosophical understanding of what Reiki is. Taylor took me step by step through the global vision of how to heal with Reiki energy. I really liked our exchanges, and her enthusiasm to share with me her vision of Reiki, and her examples of everyday life that she applies to herself, and for her interactions with others. 


I felt the subtle energy settle in me during the attunements. It was a very respectful process of my psychic integrity, in accordance with my own bodily architecture. I felt the presence of the masters around me, Usui Sensei. I felt spikes of energy like a very wide conduit of white light passing through me from top to bottom.


When I received the Reiki treatment, the energy went subtly to touch painful places in my body, like my right shoulder; and I felt a soft envelope of healing energy and love envelop me. When I gave the Reiki treatment to Taylor, I felt a soft and powerful master energy both in my aura and my hands, and I let myself be guided to fly over certain areas of the body and infuse the energy of the Reiki treatment. In me, there was also a change of personal perspective, making sure that this reassuring and divinely orchestrated setting of learning Reiki care would become a cornerstone of my life from now on.


I liked everything, what I really enjoyed is the first part with a lot of explanations about the origin of Reiki and its philosophy. I liked the exercises and explanations about symbols in their context of everyday life, their beneficial effects. I liked the moments of meditation that punctuated the learning journey. I enjoyed doing exercises, and I found it easy, and it reassured me to tell myself that I was able to transmit this. The Gyoshi-ho practice was a stunning multi-dimensional connection.” — C.P.

“The experience is equal parts informative, empowering and healing. It is a very hands on experience, although being remote. You don’t feel as though you’re simply learning about Reiki, but rather are getting to know Reiki in a deep, personal and intimate way. You are both learning and healing simultaneously. It’s a remarkable experience. By the end of the course you feel fully equipped to practice Reiki on yourself and others. The quality of material and spiritual knowledge is unmatched. This was my second Reiki training and the contrast in quality was unbelievable. You will not find a better Reiki training anywhere! The first ignition was subtle and the second was intense and somewhat uncomfortable. The second ignition revealed to me my soul color. I believe everyone’s experience is deeply personal and comes with spiritual insight each individual needs at the time. Being a virtual class, I didn’t know what to expect giving and receiving Reiki remotely. It was unexpectedly intense and powerful. You can perceive the energies clearly and receive spiritual downloads in the process. Although being a beginner, you somehow feel a deep knowing and comfortability being led by and receiving Reiki. I liked everything about the class! The most powerful experiences for me were the second ignition, learning Gassho, placing reiki around my house and practicing remote healing on my mom. Everything about the course was exceptional! I did have a hard time with the evaluation form not allowing me to edit easily or write as much as I’d like.”—Dani S. 


“Being your student alongside my mom was something I will treasure forever. You are an exceptional teacher and spirit guide. Your gifts are limitless, it truly is a blessing to be in your presence.”—Dani S.


“Every aspect of Taylor’s Reiki I and II trainings are well planned, organized, communicated and executed. The experience is equal parts informative, empowering and healing. It is a very hands on experience, although being remote. You don’t feel as though you’re simply learning about Reiki, but rather are getting to know Reiki in a deep, personal and intimate way. You are both learning and healing simultaneously. It’s a remarkable experience. By the end of the course you feel fully equipped to practice Reiki on yourself and others. The quality of material and spiritual knowledge is unmatched. This was my second Reiki training and the contrast in quality was unbelievable. You will not find a better Reiki training anywhere!”—Dani S.


“Thank you for the enlightening Reiki I & II training experience! I am so happy and excited that I took this amazing journey to the light of Reiki with you as my instructor together with my loving daughter Danielle who has opened my Eye Chakra to Reiki. You have a beautiful soul and an extremely gifted Reiki instructor! Your soft, soothing voice and impeccable choice, flow of words, guidance, knowledge and direction seemed flawless. I am truly looking forward to putting my Reiki I & II healing training to improving many lives and also take Reiki Master training. Taylor, words are not enough to express my sincere gratitude to you, the class was truly amazing.  Your method of teaching is spot on…it is obvious you have done the work. Again thank you for making the class so much fun, the hours went by with ease.”—Rose S.


“My Overall Experience of the Class Was - I was pleased to discover that there was a lot of meditation in this course! The attunements to the symbols and energy of Reiki were absolutely incredible! I felt the pure light of Reiki flow through me as tingles and little fairies flying freely! The quality of students and safe space to share were also very much appreciated. My experience of the Ignitions - Incredibly uplifting and rejuvenating! My experience giving and receiving Reiki - I felt a flood of old, stuck, repressed emotions surface that needed to move on out and this provided much relief and a new sense of lightness! Much insight has been gained as to what my focus ought to be to come into a more whole and heart connected space within mySelf. (one may call the highest self!) The Things I Liked Most About the Class - Taylor's light and energy!!! a couple of the students who I really felt connected to! Overall, it was a very well put together course, very creative teacher, and very kind and loving in the way this information is empowering us. I am so grateful I took the time to do this for myself 🤍🌼🤗 The class was a safe container to come and embody more of your divine self 🌹🌺🤍.”


“I loved learning about Reiki in such a safe space! I feel like I was already bringing in healing energies into my body/life before Reiki, and Reiki has given me direction and tools that I will be using in everyday life! When giving Reiki, I could feel energy flowing out of my hands into my teddy bear. Using the symbols gave me something to focus on, and I could feel (and hear) a difference when using the different symbols. When receiving Reiki, I felt like I was in a deep meditative trance where I'm fairly certain I drifted in and out of sleep. It felt wonderful! I liked hearing other peoples experiences, and learning the history of Reiki helped me understand it. Everything came across great, and I enjoyed this type of class.”


“Taylor is such an amazing Reiki teacher! She is super proficient not only in the knowledge of Reiki, but she is also a living example and embodies by practicing what she teaches. Taylor’s passion is infectious and I felt safe trusting her guidance. Taylor guided meditations and teaches with a high skill set level. Taylor’s supportive comments and win win attitude create a safe, trustworthy container to open up and surrender to the process. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn Reiki to take Taylor’s workshops. She is a masterful teacher and a delightful, enthusiastic person to learn from. I am so grateful for her creativity, presence, and love. You are a wonderful teacher and I’m so lucky and grateful to have my training with you. Thank you so much for gifting me this experience!”


“My overall experience has been very moving. I loved the guided meditations and I felt very safe in Taylor’s guidance. She created such a loving, trustworthy container and I was loved being her student. She knows what she is sharing because she really embodies the practices. The placements and attunements were jaw dropping for me. I really took seriously the preparation guidelines and cleared my vessel before the training… and surprisingly, the Ignitions felt like other dimensional travels. I was moved by how vivid my visual journeys were and the depth of the symbolism. They took me to loving states that were so healing and profound. I felt so held and Taylor facilitated beautiful journeys. Receiving and giving Reiki sessions in the practice time felt like this process of surrendering to what is and following the subtle inner guidance and wisdom of love. I loved Taylor’s enthusiasm and passion. I loved how professional and prepared she was, and it felt so good to be learning from someone who really cared about what she was sharing. I loved our group and the people she attracted. And I loved the whole experience.  Most of all, I loved Taylor’s loving space-tending. Her awareness and metta practices are alive, and I felt that in the way she answered questions, held space, and provided insights or advice. Thanks Taylor! I honestly had an amazing experience! I really had a great time learning, and Taylor is da bomb teacher!!!”


“I took Taylor’s Reiki class having already taken Reiki in another lineage, so I already had my attunements. I thought I knew what to expect. However, Holy Fire is something different altogether…stronger, more powerful, yet so loving and gentle. The energy is so full body, full being, all-encompassing. I recommend anyone who may be drawn to Holy Fire to take a Reiki class with Taylor. The energy is strong! She really inspired me to work with and use the energy in many practical ways that I had not learned in my previous training. The class was much more organized, detailed, thorough & well laid out, than my other Reiki classes. After learning from Taylor, I am prepared to give sessions to myself & others as well as to use the energy to help in my day-to-day life.”


“The class was very well done & I am happy I took it. The Reiki attunements (called Placements in this class) were powerful & I enjoyed reflecting on my personal & everyone else’s experiences. It was good experience to give & receive Reiki. I definitely felt a light energy working through me. The attunements were powerful. Taylor is an excellent teacher & her passion for Reiki shone through & was very warming.”


“My experience of the class was affected somewhat by the timezone difference in that I felt quite exhausted throughout it, but putting that aside, it was absolutely incredible. I now feel very well equipped to offer Reiki sessions to others. The things I learnt and experienced were extremely valuables and will stay with me as I practice. For me, the attunements (called placements in this class) were very pleasant experiences. I found them so relaxing and they allowed me to journey deeply within each time. Although I didn’t have much awareness of anything visual, the emphasis was on everything happening in a sensory way. When people gave me Reiki sessions, I generally felt peaceful and calm. On giving Reiki, that’s when I noticed the person receiving was benefitting a lot and feeding back their awarenesses to me, which I really enjoyed. I liked how methodically the material was presented. Every student seemed to get exactly what they needed. The vibration of the group energy was so high with Taylor teaching and facilitating. There is nobody else I would have chosen to train with.”


“There was nothing but joy and love beaming through me for the entirety of the class. For me the attunements were sustainably activating. It feels like an upgrade every time I give or receive Reiki. Giving it feels more fulfilling for me, because I get to observe the unique effect it has on each recipient. I enjoyed most Taylor’s descriptions and how she explained in depth the potency of the symbols.”


“Overall, it was a beautiful experience. Well organized and well taught. The class experience was enjoyable. The information I learned has since made a difference in my day to day life. I felt a true connection during the ignitions, and the experience was more intense than I expected. I feel lighter and more charged after receiving Reiki. When giving Reiki, I feel the Reiki truly working through my hands. My favorite part of the class was Taylor’s knowledge and passion for Reiki.”

Galactic Astrology & Reiki Class Testimonials

Astrology Basics with Reiki Testimonial: 

“Astrology basics with Reiki was an amazing experience! I do study astrology, however I’ve never added Reiki to it. The meditation was deeply felt and extremely helpful! We breathed in the qualities of the signs and breathed out the shadow sides. I’m so grateful for this experience and the recording to listen to again and again! I can’t wait to move on to the planets in the next class!”—Nicole S.

Astrology Basics with Reiki Testimonial: 

“Thank You Taylor & All Enrolled In This Class

It Was Fabulous

Learning In Your Intuitive Teaching Flow Taylor Couldn’t BE More


What a Way to Lay My Foundations for All NOW Moments & All to Come

Thank You




Grazie Tante

Merci Beaucoup

See You All In the Next Class

XO” — Sunni L.


Astrology Basics with Reiki Testimonial: 

Thank you Taylor for the exquisite class on Astrology Basics with Reiki. I didn’t even know what a glyph was~ so I am super jazzed~that this was the starting point you chose to begin with. I look forward to future offerings and I am especially happy that I get to manifest my wish to study Astrology (2024 New Year manifesting ceremony) with you! I so appreciate your integrity and the fact that you present the highest expression of Astrology with zero “spell casting”. All the best, Kim E.

Jupiter-Uranus Class Testimonial:

“Thank you for this brilliantly orchestrated class. I enjoyed the community gathering in this space you have created, seeing how comfortable people are when sharing in this forum.”—KJ 

Jupiter-Uranus Class Testimonial:

“Your class was brilliant as always! Helped me a lot in confirming my understanding of what is going on in my chart. I like your presentations very much, as there is always a lot of information that is very helpful to understand the astrological background.”—IP

Jupiter-Uranus Class Testimonial:

“Thank you very much for the recordings for the class and the mail with the influences of the Conjunction on my Natal Chart. Being a member of this group was a gift for me. Your Presentation and the Reiki Journey were wonderful, and they will have a great influence on my evolutionary process, which is taking place. I am fully inspired to go on with Astrology. Your class was great and gave me rich experiences, thank you again and again.”—RA

North Node Conjunct Chiron Class Testimonial:

“Discovering Taylor 

Whilst Diving Into Galactic Astrology has Been an Amazing 

Beautiful & Informative Surprise 

Taylor’s Meditations Are Profound

She Is Unique 



Super Creative 

Intelligent & Intuitive

Wisdom & Detail Oriented 

Attending the Dreaming In the New Healed Timeline 

North Node Conjunct Aries In Chiron Class 

Has Deepened My Journey With Self & All Life 


Making It Fun & Easy to Join In 

On the Explorations 

At a Time 

When I Am Learning & Expanding 

Ever More 

Into the All Encompassing 

Frequency Of LOVE

On Earth Mother & In the Greater Cosmos 

As I Hone My Craft 

Co Creator & Musician 

In This Glorious 21st Century & Beyond”

~ Sunni Leilani 

Reiki Session Testimonials

“My Distant Reiki Session was absolutely profound. I gained so much inner knowledge and peace from our session. I felt safe and relaxed as Taylor led me on a journey. Afterward I realized I had gone very deep. All my questions and concerns were addressed with such accuracy and inner understanding. So many things were resolved in just one hour session! Afterward I received a recording and the automatic writing Taylor did during the journey. I will definitely be getting more sessions from Taylor.”—JH

“I’m very thankful to Taylor for the unique Distant Reiki Session. Her insights were both confirmative and revealing. It helped me to put all pieces of my life puzzle together and gave me a peace of mind. Her ability to reach far beyond existing dimensions is priceless. I’ll highly recommend Reiki sessions with Taylor to everyone.”—Liv

“Thank You for the in-depth healing your Remote Reiki Session provided today! Reiki seems very comprehensive and expansive in regards to all the healings of past soul incarnations as were mentioned. So much freedom doesn’t seem possible, I am going to enjoy feeling all the releases I’m sure! I am grateful for this powerful Reiki experience that you, as a master,  provide. Profound and exciting! Please know I appreciate deep gratitude for all the healing your session brought today as there’s nothing in our conventional mental health world that heals at this depth. Truly I am honored to receive your knowledge, focus and talent with Reiki. Thank you!”—ER

“Taylor functions from her heart, generously radiating deep warmth, universal love and gentle humor into the sacred space she creates for healing, growth, and expansion.  She is a skilled guide whose abilities span beyond the known and tangible, which softly call the seeker into the blended new and ancient, into the remembering of self and selves. And when session end comes, she shares tools and resources, for you, the seeker, to continue your journeying, better equipped and lighter (in all its meanings).“—N.T.

“I haven't had time to integrate all of this fabulous information but one amazing thing that happened to me after our session is that I found my sense of smell I had lost for the past month! Thank you so much for this reading and I will see you again on May 2nd. I will take an appointment  shortly. I love your energy and healing power. ✨️ I am so happy our path crossed, should I say, again 😘”—Elle G.

“I had a wonderful Distant Reiki Session with Taylor. Her Flower of Healing along with other Reiki techniques were amazing. I saw beautiful blue whales and golden dolphins during my session. I travelled through 3 belt stars of Orion, Aldebaran, and the Taurus Constellation. Taylor's Reiki session combined with a Galactic reading is unique. Thank you Taylor for being your beautiful self and spreading your Reiki love and light through this world." —Hector M


“Thank you sooo much for an amazing experience. I feel so much lighter. I am drinking lots of water and using your affirmations.”—Claudia G.


“Thank you so much for such an amazing Reiki session (all that Grace!) and astrological chart reading. The insight of Venus and the N node and the Super Galactic Center was what I've been looking for.”—Cynthia G.


“The rash on my arm indeed healed completely just a few days after our Reiki session - and honestly, I was quite sure that it would! Thank you so much for that experience and all the love and healing you bring into the world!"


“I felt so deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. It was deeper than any Reiki I have had before. I felt connected to the Earth and grounded.”


“I had my first distant Reiki session with Taylor. To be honest, I was skeptical at first, because I've never had distant Reiki. I immediately had a connection with Taylor from the beginning. I asked to be treated at this particular session for anxiety, muscle stiffness, and tension, which is hard to overcome with my disability. My muscles gradually relaxed, progressing up to full relaxation. I even noticed my left hand, which is usually unable to move, actually responded to the way Taylor was using the energy. I would definitely recommend people with disabilities in particular to give Reiki a try whether it be virtually or in person with Taylor.”


“During and after my session with Taylor, I felt very, deeply relaxed. More relaxed than I have ever felt before. I highly recommend Reiki for anyone struggling with stress and anxiety.”


“I fell into a deep restful slumber, and now I feel amazing, grounded, and balanced. It was like an amazing long sleep. Super deep relaxation."


“When receiving Reiki, I felt like I was in a deep meditative trance where I'm fairly certain I drifted in and out of sleep. It felt wonderful!”


“I had my first Reiki Session with Taylor, a distance Reiki. I was a little nervous before the call but once she started doing Reiki I felt relaxed and comfortable. I felt a lot of heat in my stomach, a very intense feeling, but as the session went on it became better, my whole body was released of all the tension I had. If you, like me never had a session, it is time. It will change the way you feel after. Like lifting a heavy weight off your body. Thank you Taylor, we will schedule another session.”

Astrology Reading Testimonials

“It's been my honor to connect with you and have you bring so much light and understanding to my galactic story. It is such a gift! I have re-listened to the recording and read the Quantum Soul Guidance over and over, letting the words sink in deeply. Your Reiki healing is so appreciated and beautifully combined with my reading. The details in the documents you provided are very helpful and the depth of information highly appreciated! This has opened up the whole new world to me & I am very grateful for this. I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone interested in the opening of the mind and heart to the magical adventure that combines astrology, galactic knowledge and Reiki healing from such an experienced soul. It was all intertwined beautifully, and you have guided me through it skillfully & with thoughtful kindness.”—NS

“During my Astrological Consultation Taylor explored some cardinal configurations in my Natal Chart explaining their meaning and relationship to planets, houses and signs. With her expertise Taylor expanded on our conversation including some of the most prominent dwarf planets to help me clarify the best option for personal growth during times of transits. Taylor's presentation is well prepared and presented, she takes great care in communicating her knowledge in a comprehensive manner including some magical mystical images also.” KJ  

“Taylor is deeply intuitive, insightful and very educated in this space. I was blown away by how accurate and helpful my Astrological Consultation was. She knew things that weren’t possible for her to know any other way, which added the trust and credibility needed in this type of work. I can’t recommend her more highly!”—KP

“I am very new to astrology, and am definitely a beginner. I loved that Taylor asked for my experience/knowledge level as part of her booking questionnaire, it made me comfortable right from that start since I knew I would be learning from her at my current knowledge level.  I have to say that I was blown away right at the start of the reading when Taylor provided me with the outcome of the Reiki journey she had taken for me as part of the Galactic Astrology Soul Reading. The message provided was magical and provided a message that I needed to hear right now and left me so very open and receptive for all the nitty gritty details of the reading.  The fact that Taylor provides documents from AND recordings of the session allowed me to fully focus on listening, knowing that I can go back and review as many times as I need allowed me to just enjoy the experience, rather than worrying about catching all the nuggets of wisdom and insight in real time, of which there were so many!  In this one session, Taylor taught me so much, and has made me so interested in continuing to learn about these aspects of myself and how to apply this knowledge in my 3D and 5D life. AND left me with so much curiosity about Galactic Astrology... I cannot wait to keep learning from her!”—VS

"Would you like to go on a journey? 

Taylor will take you on a magical spiritual journey through your own past, present and future. As you travel with your own personal experiences in the galaxy of stars you will meet your dreams on your way to know who you are in this universe and receive gifts from your soul. Galactic Astrology Soul Reading and Quantum Soul Guidance with Taylor is a practical and a spiritual tool for your journey don't leave without it.”—KJ

“I highly recommend Taylor Norris as a galactic astrologer. It’s hard to put into words what a deeply beautiful, transformative, and expansive experience it is to have a galactic reading. When I saw my astrological chart and then my galactic chart I was deeply moved with the perfection of the way we plan our lives and the information and clues we leave for ourselves to help us along our path. I felt grateful to have chosen Taylor to do this reading for me because of her beautiful loving energy. There is a certain vulnerability in having someone look at your soul’s journey but I felt completely safe and respected with Taylor. The galactic reading helped me to connect many dots tying my past and present experiences together. As a bonus, it is an experience that keeps on giving because every time I read the information, more is revealed to me. I've read it many times and every time I say," I don’t remember ever having read that before." The reading seems to be expanding with my own expansion. I look forward to what it will reveal to me in the future!”—Rebecca


“Thank you for the Astrological Consultation, Taylor. I really enjoyed our reading and found it reassuring to hear that the planets are in support of what my heart desires! I found our session to be therapeutic and nurturing.”—C.T.

“I recently had the privilege of experiencing an amazing and interesting Galactic Astrology Soul Reading from Taylor that went beyond my expectations and inspired curiosity, new ideas and a sense of calm. From start to finish, the session was an illuminating journey that has enriched my understanding of self and life in profound ways.


Taylor possesses a depth of knowledge and expertise, understanding and explaining the somewhat confusing to me, threads of my birth chart. Her ability to articulate complex astrological concepts in a way that made sense to me made the session not only insightful but also deeply empowering.


What sets this astrology reading apart is the personalized and compassionate approach taken, including the charts, the slide show and recordings. Taylor skillfully navigated through the celestial/galactic map of my life, unraveling the mysteries of my personality, strengths, and challenges with accuracy. Including aspects of my life, from relationships to career and personal growth, she explored some of these new concepts with care and discernment.


I appreciate Taylor’s intuitive and empathetic approach. Creating a safe and open space for me to reflect on my experiences, validating my feelings and encouraging self-discovery. The reading wasn't just about predicting the future but understanding the present and unlocking the potential for positive possibilities. I can't wait!


I am in gratitude to Taylor for sharing her celestial insights and guiding me on this journey. I am truly grateful for the profound impact this experience has had moving forward.”—DS


“On March 8th 2024

I Experienced an Ancient Starlight Reading 

With Taylor On Zoom To Be Invited & Encouraged to Partake

In the Heliacal Rising & Setting Stars & Parans

Taylor Absolutely Guided Me to Another Layer Of Self Discovery

Taylor’s Approach to Sharing & Teaching 

Through Captivating Visuals 

Creative & Thorough Power Points 

Engaging & Activating All of the Senses Is Invaluable 

It’s Nice to Know that this is the Way Taylor Understands & Learns Best Herself 

Along With Taylor’s Casual 

Cool Kind Presence 

Informative Conversation & Open Dialogue 

One Can Access Vulnerability 

Easily Ask Questions 

Share Thoughts Feels & Insights 

Go Deep & Have Fun 

If You Urge to Learn & Laugh 

Douse Yourself In Ancient Starlight 

Holding Hands with a Cosmic Friend 

This Is the Reading For You” —Sunni 

“I recently had my first galactic astrology soul reading with Taylor. What a wonderful experience! I was blown away by all the rich information Taylor had prepared for me and I must say, it was more than I could have expected. I got a lot of insights in my connection to the widespread network of my galactic family, and the impact it has so far on my life here on Earth. Taylor’s loving and joyful personality together with her profound knowledge and Reiki healing capability is a gift to all who want a brighter perspective of their soul’s background and heritage. If you are curious or have a call for growth in consciousness, this is your reading! You will love it!” —Isolde

“Taylor is really kind and full of warmth. I bought a Starlight reading from her as a gift for myself for my birthday and got the most unique reading I have ever received and it gave me deeper insights into my journey this lifetime. Her reading is very inspiring and I feel like I have learned a lot from her. She was very specific and detailed with what she shared with me so I really feel like I got the answers to my questions and much more. I will get another reading from her and she can expect me to be a returning customer.” —M

“I can highly recommend that you pursue an Ancient Starlight mini reading with Taylor. During the reading Taylor will honour your spiritual connection as she reveals some of the most influential stars guiding and supporting you through your life experiences. There is also time to look at which challenges you might be working on to optimise your potential as your Soul Journeys through life. I can honestly say that I was looking into my spiritual mirror during my personal Ancient Starlight mini reading. Taylor takes her time to listen to feedback as well as communicating information in an easy to comprehend manner adding visual effects to clarify interpretation. This was a very interesting area to explore. Taylor, I value your input immensely, you are a wonderful facilitator and a huge credit to your own work.”—KJ


I reached out to Taylor for a Galactic Astrology Reading, looking for an expanded sense of myself beyond a three-dimensional point-on-view.   The session has indeed opened up avenues for further exploration of who I am and has also helped me to better understand some confusing areas of my life.  Taylor’s gentle presentation style along with the varied formats of the information she presents is assisting my personal process of integration.  Thank you, Taylor!”  Carolyn

“Taylor is a skilled astrologer and gifted Reiki practitioner as well as a beautiful soul. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving Reiki from her as well as recently benefiting from a Galactic Astrology reading. The Galactic Astrology reading was, too put it mildly, mind blowing - far and away more detailed and comprehensive than previous astrology readings I’ve experienced. I received confirmation of things I believed about myself and about my life path, and new revelations about why I am here that resonated through my entire being. Taylor answered my questions when I needed clarification and when a wild thought popped into my head. She prepared thorough documentation and I got a recording of our session. I love that she does a Reiki journey to complement the astrology reading before the session - it made the information and guidance I received more profound in a way that is hard to express. As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I give myself Reiki daily and occasionally journey for myself - and I love and appreciate it when I can work with another Reiki practitioner and teacher as gifted as Taylor. I would definitely work with Taylor again and highly recommend her services. You won’t be disappointed!” —A.G.


“I recently had a follow up Galactic Astrology reading from Taylor and again, it was highly beneficial.  Taylor deftly weaves her astrology passion, knowledge, understanding, and insights into each reading. The information helped to settle me and gave me an understanding of what's ahead. I'll never understand the whole picture, but Taylor's enthusiasm for the entire universe is so palpable, you can only get excited when you work with her!  Her Galactic Astrology readings are a wonderful, supportive, incredible experience and investment in self, Thank you Taylor!”—E.R.  


“My aunt gave me a reading as a present, and I choose the Galactic Astrology Soul Reading. I honestly enjoyed the reading a lot. It was so worth it, lately I am making a lot of changes in my life and I was feeling lost and insecure about some of my decisions, this reading helped me a lot to understand myself better and discover the path I have to take to achieve a better balance in my life. Taylor has such a soothing voice and for me it was perfect to make me feel relaxed and ready to open myself to discover more about my soul, thank you very much for the experience!” P.O.

"The Galactic Astrology Soul Reading was a great experience with a vast amount of knowledge and much to process in one session so it is great to receive additional files to go through it afterwards and go over it again as is needed. The layout of the files is very practical as well as beautifully laid out with an array of valuable information. Taylor, your knowledge and mastery of the astrology mixed with the galactic astrology is a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for the amazing experience." — L.T.

“Thank you, Taylor, for my Galactic Astrology Soul Reading. It was thoroughly enlightening, and it was able to connect many dots for me from experiences that I have had in this incarnation. The fragmented soul memories that I have I was able to understand their connection and where they came from. I knew your energy was the right fit for my soul when I first saw you on Youtube. Your energy vibrated backwards and forwards, and I knew your energy was very quantum and multidimensional.  The Reiki Journey and Transmission that you channeled through took me a few weeks to integrate the energy, and I have now felt many shifts since. Thank you for holding space for me with your understanding and calm strong presence, and I am so looking forward to connecting with you again to dive deeper into my chart. Many thanks beautiful woman xo.”—Jodie, Queensland, Australia 

“I couldn't believe how incredibly resonant the reading felt! I got goosebumps many times during the reading you gave me. Your insights were so on point and truly struck a chord. Thank you for an amazing experience!”—Gina

“This is my first time getting my chart read by anyone. I’ve played with astrology before when I felt intuitively guided to do so, yet the wisdom that Taylor has with her studies in the field shined a new light to understanding my psyche. After seeing the video I felt a new connection with my own being and aspects of me that I haven’t heard from felt very much awaken. Shortly I went to sleep and I had powerful dreams with different star systems coming in comforting the information. Very powerful way to reconnect/ remember past versions of the self. And to view into your own future. So bless to receive this message 🦋🙏🏽🕯️🦉👽” — Priestess


“Taylor is connected to a kindness vibration for the highest good of humanity through her practice of care and guidance. I am amazed by all the richness of the information, especially visual, transmitted by Taylor, by all the relevant details that she brought to me, by the important points to take into account for me at the stage I am at today. Of course, astrology can sail on many aspects and themes; through her intuition and guidance, she has centered what was important to me at the moment. I like her simplicity to tell the stories related to myths and legends, it is also a link between the dimensions. The description of my soul’s emergence from the divine source is wonderfully narrated and beautiful. I lived with Taylor a nourishing, loving and very deep session. The consolidation with creativity of the various sources of information, her intuition, her channeled message, the Lyssa Royal Holt cards reading, the galactic astrology, all these multiple combinations supported with care, Reiki, I felt that it was highly aligned vibrationally with my soul guidance. My session with Taylor resonates in a beautiful way with the highest vibration partnerships I look for in my life.”—Caroline Pasqiuer

“Taylor's session on Galactic Astrology was very profound and gave me tangible directions about my soul's journey in this lifetime. Using her highly developed intuitive skills, her Reiki training and her knowledge of astrology, she was able to guide me through different areas in my chart. I was blown away by certain confirmations and was surprised by revelations about my being. The reading itself gave me confidence about the life directions, whether professional, material or spiritual, that I intuitively chose over the years and to trust my intuition further. In addition, the detailed written report, one to one video call, video and audio recordings of the call that was provided is really a great package for me so that I can refer back to what was said during the session. I recommend Taylor's Galactic Astrology Readings to anyone who wishes to understand and dive into the mysteries of their soul's journey."—Chacko Philip

“When I first heard the term ‘Galactic astrology’ it hit me with such profound impact  - I was excited, nervous, curious and waaay out of my depth! Taylor’s soul reading was like the calm to my storm. Almost instantly after first meeting Taylor, I felt confident I was in good hands. Her beautiful soul absolutely radiated throughout my Zoom call and her presentation is a divine example of her passion for not only astrology, but in assisting humans to become more aligned through sharing her incredible knowledge and insight. Taylor has a kind and gentle presence with such a lovely way of guiding you through every area of your chart, helping you to remember your purpose and origins, which in turn validated so many of those intuitive feelings I’ve had over the years! I now have a wonderful PDF keepsake of my introduction to this fascinating aspect of astrology that I have already re read often, gaining more ‘Aha’ moments each time. I will treasure this experience always. So grateful for you Taylor  - you are truly a gift that keeps on giving as after signing up on your website I have also been enjoying the guided Reiki meditations you share on your Youtube channel. Mahalo nui loa!”—Nat Denning

“The missing pieces to the puzzle of my soul’s purpose. Taylor’s Galactic Astrology Soul reading filled in the gap of all the regular natal chart readings I’ve had throughout my life. I love the way she’s found empowerments and activated 5th Harmonic aspects to offset T-Squares in my chart. Absolutely adore how she incorporates Reiki Journeys to guide her in the information gathering and illumination of love filled guidance. I resonate with our kindred dragon heritage and super galactic center purpose! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”—Cynthia G


“Thank you so much for these materials! They will help me with my integration. Mostly, though, I want to share something about the Reiki healing. I have been experiencing a bad flare of my autoimmune disease so I am in a lot of pain. Taking three ibuprofen every night in an effort to sleep has barely taken the edge off the pain. Last night, I had so little pain that I didn't take any medicine. It was such a surprise that I wondered what was different and then remembered the Reiki healing. Today, I feel even better. Thank you!”—Jennifer M.


“Taylor is the real deal.  She was able to use her host of metaphysical skills to review, synthesize, and articulate in simple language her interpretation of my Galactic Astrology Chart so that I could totally digest and understand the meanings of the constellations/stars/planets in my chart.   I now have a greater understanding as to why I’ve done things in the past, how I can grow in the present, and what direction I want my life to take in the future; now armed with the knowledge from my Galactic Astrology Reading.  Taylor has a light, peaceful, and happy demeanor that relaxes you immediately and allows the reading to progress smoothly and fluidly. I highly recommend Taylor to anyone who wants to do a deep dive on themselves, understand the skill sets they were born with along with those skills that one can tap into once they understand their charts thus becoming a more balanced person/human being.   Taylor, thank you for your eye-opening reading of my chart and I look forward to the “new me” because of the knowledge I gained.   I’ve already told family members of this reading and they are excited to pursue their own readings in the future.  Namaste David.”—David Kanter 


“Being new to Astrology, I appreciated how Taylor took the time to explain my chart and reading step by step, in layman's terms that I could understand.  She also uses her intuitive gifts to help interpret how the results have and continue to play out in both past, present, and future experiences.  So much of what she read answered many questions I'd been struggling with for years.  I highly recommend her services!”— Karey Bock, Reiki Master


“I have been working with Taylor for over two years now. I can only say you are in the hands of a profoundly talented Reiki and Galactic Astrologer. I am constantly left in awe of the transformative journey she guides me through, with every session. Taylor’s understanding and interpretation of the different modalities of Reiki Master and Galactic Astrology is remarkable and she integrates both with a gentle and nurturing energy, creating a sacred space for exploration. Her sessions are not only insightful, but also deeply comforting. It speaks to her skills as a true shepherd, who will lead you into a space of unconditional love and acceptance, where you could safely be vulnerable and open to the transformative energies at work. I leave each session feeling renewed, empowered, and connected to the vast cosmic tapestry that surrounds all of us. The guidance I receive continues to resonate deeply within me, guiding my choices and inspiring my spiritual growth. I can’t recommend Taylor and her offerings enough to anyone who is ready to receive profound healing, spiritual guidance and a deeper connection to all that is.”—Misty Chatterjee, Reiki Master & Graphic Artist


“I had a Quantum Soul Guidance reading with Taylor Norris. I found the experience to be transformative and enlightening. Taylor combined various forms of divination, her intuitive vision, and my natal and galactic charts. During her reading, I felt like the two of us had embarked on a journey together, moving through layers of meaning. The fact that her reading resonated with my own intuitive knowledge magnified the experience for both of us. What I obtained from this experience is a greater and more grounded sense of who I was in past lives, what my goals were (and still are) and my future direction. An invaluable treasure. On a personal level, I have gained a stronger sense of confidence on my intuition and my “knowing” than before. She has also opened my eyes to my present trajectory and my mission and how every step of the path has served the bigger picture, in a beautiful tapestry of synchronicities and opportunities. Thank you, Taylor, for this most generous gift to know myself better. I am still digesting the information from the reading. I have read the report twice and keep moving through the concepts and getting downloads of information. I am truly grateful for your magnificent reading, guiding me to where my soul is going. It is so much better to have a map than going blind!!”—Alicia Fuentetaja, PhD, Shamanic Practitioner

“Thank you so much for my Quantum Soul Guidance Reading! I am blown away by your accuracy and organization of the material! Your delivery of the written report was easy to read and understand, and our phone discussion flowed naturally and was professional. As a student of traditional Astrology, Galactic Astrology and QSG, I have found your reading to resonate with what I have been discovering about my chart and my galactic connections. Not only was I able to confirm some of the connections I knew that I had in the cosmos, but I was also able to see some of these connections in a new light and was able to gain insight on connections that I had not yet made.  Some of the information you told me about my earth past lives corresponded with what I was experiencing in my own visions and mediations. You were also able to accurately describe some of my family dynamics, personality traits and experiences in this lifetime that connect to my past lives on earth and in the cosmos. Additionally, I learned some new and fascinating Evolutionary Astrology techniques that I plan to incorporate into my own practice. This reading was truly amazing and eye opening for me! Thank you for your time and energy with this report.”—Danielle Kerins, Artist, Astrologer & Shamanic Practitioner


“Recommendation for Taylor Norris: I felt seen and heard in Taylor’s Quantum Soul Guidance reading. Besides validating my most resonant soul colors, she affirmed my soul’s journey of bridging worlds, unbinding my creative power, integrating both the challenges and gifts of my ancestral lineage, and guiding others in positively transforming their lives. In my relocation astrology chart, she accurately reflected the skills that I’ve been refining and the lessons learned in particular areas of my life for the last twenty five years. Taylor also elucidated a number of ways to deal with both potentially challenging types and harmonious types of planetary transits currently affecting my life. It was lovely to work with Taylor!”—Tee Ming Oi, Intuitive Life Coach, Holistic Medium & Channel


“My Galactic Astrology Soul Reading with Taylor was definitely one of the coolest and most fascinating astrology readings I’ve ever had. Taylor clearly has immense knowledge about the mysteries of the Universe and it’s incredible to see her combine that knowledge with Reiki and intuitive channeling. I felt so affirmed, so seen, so inspired by her reading and I learned a lot about my soul origins and multidimensionality. I feel excited about continuing to explore aspects of my multidimensional self with her guidance :).”—Mayari Ong, Reiki Master, Creator of Harmonic Reiki


“I was impressed with Taylor's ability to tune into the themes of this life with accuracy. She put a lot of work into gathering information for me about my past lives and a possible future one. I resonated with many of her findings and enjoyed her presentation immensely. Thank you, Taylor, for your time and energy!”—Anonymous.

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