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What Heaven on Earth Means To Me

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

What is this Heaven on Earth that I communicate about?

In this blog post and (accompanying video), I share my thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions of Heaven on Earth that are arising through my Reiki practice, including self-Reiki sessions and practices, giving and receiving Reiki sessions, teaching and participating in Reiki classes, hosting and participating in Reiki shares, creating Reiki ceremonies, reading and writing about Reiki, speaking and listening to others speak about Reiki, developing a new Reiki energy and system, and so on.

I know when I start to give more and more form to these higher mystical ideas--such as Heaven on Earth--they can become more and more real and accessible to myself and others.

Heaven on Earth involves humans consciously engaging with natural laws and universal laws. These are the ways of unity, love, compassion, peace, kindness, generosity, and harmony. These are the ways of being in harmony with oneself, others, the Earth, and beyond.

Heaven on Earth means humans are able to connect to the limitless, infinite source, free from any type of conditioning or programming fed to them from external authorities. Humans are able to discover the beliefs that work for them and the practices that resonate for them, based on their direct experiences and perceptions.

Heaven on Earth means humans discovering their own values, their own truth, and creating a contribution in their everyday acts of living, which expresses their values and truth.

Heaven on Earth means humans consciously creating their lives, rather than allowing external forces to act upon them to create their lives and tell them what to think, feel, say, do, and how to be. This is the essence of taking personal responsibility for yourself, your life and everything in your reality.

Heaven on Earth means discovering…

  • what you think for yourself, your authentic thoughts.

  • what you feel for yourself, your authentic feelings.

  • what you want to say and how you want to say it for yourself, your authentic voice.

  • what you truly want to do, your authentic actions.

  • how you want to be, your authentic way of being.

Heaven on Earth means a refreshing shift from external authority to inner authority. It is a shift from "the world outside of me acts upon me to create and shape me" to "my connection to the Source of all that is creates and shapes me moment by moment through my awareness and conscious free will choice."

It is a shift from the Culturally Created Self to the Authentic Self or Higher Self.

Heaven on Earth means releasing and healing the hard, heavy, dense layers that harm self, others, the Earth, and beyond. These are layers of conditioning, programming, others’ expectations, others’ projections, what authorities say is right, good, true, sane, or real, the shoulds, the musts, suppressed feelings and aspects of self, repressed feelings and aspects of self, disowned feelings and aspects of self, and any harmful means of attempting to adjust to society and culture as it is through conformity.

Heaven on Earth means empowering and revealing your Authentic Self, your Higher Self, right here and now in the space of your body, your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your actions, and your way of being in your life.

Heaven on Earth means revealing your Pure Human Nature,

  • Your Authentic Health, your pristine health and well-being.

  • Your Authentic Wealth, your connection to the infinite resources of the Source of all that is and the Earth.

  • Your Higher Mind and Inner Genius and the multidimensional nature of your Mind.

  • Your Pure Heart and the multidimensional nature of your Heart.

  • Your authentic gifts, talents, soul memory and mastery across time, space, and dimension.

  • Your unique capacities, qualities, strengths, and characteristics.

  • Your skills and propensities, which may be very easy and enjoyable to pick up right now, because you have experience from other lives to draw upon.

Heaven on Earth means empowering and revealing your Authentic Intuition.

Your clair senses:

  • clear body,

  • clear knowing,

  • clear feeling,

  • clear seeing,

  • clear hearing,

  • clear smelling,

  • clear tasting,

  • clear touching,

  • clear sensing,

  • and more!

Heaven on Earth means revealing the ways your intuition works for you and the most empowered, skillful use and management of the profound potential of your intuition in your human consciousness and your human form.

Heaven on Earth means revealing types of enlightenment, such as An Shin Ritsu Mei, a self-generating upwelling of peacefulness accompanied by the embodied awareness of your life purpose right here and now. The peacefulness fuels the sustained steps of accomplishing your life purpose, because you know are designed to accomplish it and your choices will ensure it. This peace is unlocked in the World Peace Reiki Master training with World Peace Reiki energy. Email me -- -- if you want this now! It is so very real and possible.

Heaven on Earth means revealing others types of enlightenment.

Flower of Healing™ Reiki is revealing Samadhi states, experiences of blissful relaxation, the original balance, the original perfection, which serve as the fundamental fertile ground and foundation for other types of enlightenment to arise naturally. The type or types of enlightenment needed for you to accomplish your life purpose is what will come to you and through you, easily.

Flower of Healing™ is offering the enlightenment of longevity and youthfulness, empowering a long healthy, youthful life, in which you grow more and more mature in wisdom and enlightened embodiment, and the physical body preserves itself very well, very skillfully to allow for the maximum of progress and positive contribution to be shared in this lifetime.

This is a unique type of enlightenment spoken about in monastic, yogic, and mystical traditions of the highest Himalaya where people are said to have lived hundreds of years in harmony with themselves, others, and the Earth, increasing in wisdom, mastery, and enlightened embodiment.

Experience the Flower of Healing™ for yourself in a 1-on-1 or group Reiki session, and get a taste of this exquisite form of enlightenment.

Reiki is effortlessly unlocking and revealing all of these features of Heaven on Earth by conscious free will choice invitation. Reiki performs the releasing and healing in a very soft, gentle, yet powerful and effective way. Reiki also fills the space created with everything I just shared, all the authentic mastery and enlightenment possible in human consciousness and human form, specific to your unique make-up and free will choice.

If you resonate with these words, please experience Reiki for yourself.

You have the power to create Heaven on Earth within yourself and your own life, and empower the reality of Heaven on Earth for others too.

Aho. Amen. Namaste. And So It Is. Mahalo.

™ Flower of Healing is pending trademark of Taylor Ann Norris.

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