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All about Flower of Healing™ Reiki

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

What is Flower of Healing™ Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and empowerment. Reiki restores the healthy flow of life force energy throughout the body and human energy field.

The Flower of Healing™ is a unique form of Reiki I began to channel in 2020. It is a specific Reiki energy with tools and techniques I am developing to make it fully accessible, teachable, and shareable with others.

The Flower of Healing™ unifies Holistic Health and Spiritual Awakening. It is designed to provide holistic healing and cultivate a glowing radiance. It reveals and empowers your Authentic Health, Wealth, and Well-Being, which are part of your Pure Human Nature.

The Flower of Healing™ wakes up the Divine Light of Beauty and Compassion within you. It integrates, unifies, and harmonizes all parts of the body and human being. It provides a very deep revitalization of the colors of the chakras.

Flower of Healing™ Energy is a Reiki energy that is a gift from the Earth. The energy is like the life force energy needed for a seed to sprout. It is a very powerful physical energy that facilitates a strong, yet gentle activation of the life force energy. The resonance is one of Unconditional Love and Compassion, and the heart chakra activation is strong.

Who is Flower of Healing™ Reiki for?

Flower of Healing™ Reiki is wonderful for anyone who wishes to experience deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization of their life force energy. It is suited for those who want to improve their physical health, empower excellent self-care habits, achieve their Health and Wealth intentions, and uplift all aspects of their Well-Being.

Flower of Healing™ Reiki uplifts one's energy, vitality, radiance, beauty, compassion, youthfulness, longevity, and gives a healthy glow.

The Flower of Healing™ has many healing benefits to physical health and well-being, harmonizing all aspects of the human body and energy centers, restoring a robust circulation of life force energy. It opens the heart to receive Unconditional Love, awakens the Light of Beauty and Compassion, and empowers Creativity/Fertility in alignment with the Earth. It is a powerful, grounding, balanced energy from the Earth and the Highest Heavens.

What are the Benefits of Flower of Healing™ Reiki?

The energy is still revealing its limitless benefits for healing and empowerment. Your feedback is very much appreciated and welcome.

One consistent result in Flower of Healing™ Reiki sessions is the experience of Samadhi. This is an ancient yogic term used in various Eastern traditions to describe a state of pure consciousness. It means "putting together," which can be understood as integration, absorption, and single pointed focus. Some yogis speak of it as the original perfection and the original balance. Samadhi is sometimes translated to bliss, liberation, enlightenment, oneness, and the cessation of karma. It is the experience of no separation between self and the Source of all that is.

Paramahansa Yogananda defines Samadhi as, "A soundless state of breathlessness. A blissful super consciousness state in which a yogi perceives the identity of the individualized Soul and Cosmic Spirit."

Recipients of Flower of Healing™ Reiki are reporting the following beneficial results:

  • deep rejuvenation

  • deep relaxation

  • deep rest

  • deep healing of subconscious and soul issues

  • healing of physical ailments and maladies

  • improved mood

  • improved sleep

  • greater energy, vitality, and health

  • enhanced trust and faith in themselves and life

Here are other Flower of Healing™ benefits that are revealing:

  • enhances adaptability and the capacity to thrive during times of transition

  • bolsters a sense of self-love and healthy self-image and body image

  • cultivates an integrated, loving relation with one’s body, mind, and heart

  • supports healthy habit cultivation by making healthy habits so attractive, easy, and enjoyable with pleasing results, that unhealthy habits lose their allure

  • increases energy and invigoration in a very balanced, grounded way

  • improves sleep and relaxation

  • strengthens and heals the body to reveal the natural human default settings of Authentic Health and Well-Being

  • expands, enhances, energizes, inspires, and clarifies creativity

  • deepens sense of connection and kinship with the Earth

  • opens the clear perceptions of the Earth’s messages and loving support for humanity

  • enlivens a sense of abundance consciousness, grounded in the resourcefulness of humanity and the Earth

  • strengthens and heals the mind to reveal the natural human default settings of Authentic Wealth

  • empowers aligned physical actions to achieve health, wealth, and well-being goals and intentions

  • blooms within the mind Pure Human Nature such that creative, generative thoughts, and ideas take root and sprout, while mental clutter is naturally weeded out

  • empowers a self-generating protective field of light that entrains the body, personal energy field, and beyond to divine frequencies (this effect strengthens and expands with practice)

  • assists with the embodiment of enlightened consciousness, both in meditative states and in wakeful daily life, rather than going out of body or using external substances to connect to higher realms

  • integration of the higher consciousness experiences achieved in meditation and spiritual practices into all aspects of daily life and human interactions

  • awakens a sense of friendliness, kinship, fondness, and compassion toward other human beings

  • clarifies and brings into present moment awareness one’s spiritual mission on Earth

  • empowers structural adjustments and aligned physical actions to set oneself up to most optimally fulfill one’s spiritual mission on Earth

  • increases perception of Earth as a creative domain and self as a divine human creator to build a more harmonious future for all life on Earth

  • activation and enhanced perception of intuition and clair senses, particularly clairsalience, clear smelling, a sense of smell that receives intuitive information

How is Flower of Healing™ Reiki given?

The Flower of Healing™ Distant Reiki Sessions (both 1-on-1 and group) are appropriate for anyone looking to improve their health, wealth, well-being, adaptability, and personal/spiritual growth. No prior Reiki experience is needed; all are welcome.

Flower of Healing™ group events are done live on Zoom, and involve a new Flower of Healing™ technique each time. They are sent as recordings to all who register in case you cannot make it live. They are also available as recordings by donation in the Shop tab.

Flower of Healing™ 1-on-1 sessions are individualized to your specific needs, desires, and intentions. There is an option to receive a Flower of Healing™ Reiki Journey, in which I am able to journey to receive specific guidance for you and answer any questions you may have from a higher perspective. All sessions are recorded, so you can repeat the session multiple times.

I want to be able to use Flower of Healing™ Reiki myself. Will you be offering a training?

The Flower of Healing™ Reiki Training is currently in development, and will be offered to Reiki practitioners who have already taken Reiki Master.

Flower of Healing™ is a Master level system analogous to how Karuna Reiki® is taught to those who have taken Reiki Master at least 6 months prior.

The Flower of Healing™ builds upon the Lineage of Usui Reiki Master, Holy Fire Reiki Master, and World Peace Reiki Master energies and systems.

The Flower of Healing™ training will be geared towards those with a sincere desire to improve their physical health, well-being, vitality, longevity, and embodiment of Pure Human Nature. The training is ideal for Reiki practitioners who are genuinely interested in increasing the quantity and quality of Reiki energy they are able to channel at all times.

The Flower of Healing™ energy, tools, and techniques are designed to be used in self-Reiki, distant sessions with others, and everyday life. The training will empower you to teach Flower of Healing™ Reiki to other Reiki Masters.

™ Flower of Healing is pending trademark of Taylor Ann Norris.

® Karuna Reiki is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand.

~ Learn more about the Flower of Healing™ 1-on-1 Sessions Here ~

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