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Reiki Money Miracles Ritual

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

This is the 5 Step Process to Imbue Your Money with Reiki energy, so that it multiplies and empowers Peace, Love, Beauty, Harmony, and Abundance for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of all of Earth and beyond!

This ritual works with any amount of cash or change you have on hand. Even a dollar bill will do. The symbolism is what matters.

You may perform this ritual in any place inside or outside your home that feels right to you. If you feel called to, you may perform this ritual in the Wealth Gua (section) of your home. This is in the back lefthand corner if you are at your front door facing in. It is the purple section below in the Bagua Map from Feng Shui.

0. Invoke Reiki energy or white light pure unconditional love energy. This can be whatever matches your spiritual beliefs and practice. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and place your hands at heart center. Intend for Reiki and your connection to Source, the divine, the universe, God, etc. to be there and flow through you.

You may also light a candle now. Choose any color that you feel called to. I used a green candle. I also diffused orange, cinnamon, and basil essential oils, as these plants are associated with wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui.

1. Clear the money. You may use the Power Symbol, Holy Fire® Master Symbol, Kriya from Karuna Reiki® or any other symbol you feel guided to use. Zonar and Halu from Karuna Reiki® are also good choices. I use the Flower of Healing™ symbol as well, because it has a clearing component.

Alternatively, you may also use sage, palo Santo, or other sacred herbs or wood you like to burn. An incense stick can also work. Intend that the Reiki flow through whatever you choose to burn as well. Just be sure not to burn your money ;)

2. Thank the money. Thank the money and everything involved to bring it to you. You may use the Distant symbol, Holy Fire® Master Symbol, or any symbol with the ability to send your gratitude across time and space. I also use Flower of Healing here, because it has a quantum component.

Imagine Reiki flowing to the Earth and all the people, businesses, corporations, transportation, machines, and so on involved in generating the money, exchanging it, and allowing it to be in your hands. Thank the money for all the goodness and opportunities it has brought. Even thank the darker aspects that may be associated with the money, and intend for this ritual to bless the money with a very bright here and now moment and future.

3. Imbue the money with Reiki. You may activate all your symbols and place the money between your palms, intending that all your Reiki symbols flow into the money. I imagined my money to represent all the money that exists, so that the Reiki I channeled into the money in my hands was going out to all the money in circulation, all the currencies of the world. I saw the money making a grid of light spreading out all over the globe. It was very beautiful and awe-inspiring!

4. Place your intentions in the money. Choose whatever your intentions are and place them in the money. What do you intend this money to do? How do you want to use the money and the additional money that flows to you and through you? What do you wish to contribute as you receive the money and abundance flowing to you and through you?

Let your imagination really go with it. You may sing, play instruments, or otherwise use your voice and sound to empower your intentions in the money. I used my drum, voice, and singing bowl.

You may also place cinnamon sticks and crystals such as pyrite, citrine, or tiger's eye on the money to empower and enhance your intentions. All of these are associated with wealth in Feng Shui.

I intended for the money, my money, and all the money across time, space, and dimension to be used for the creation of Heaven on Earth for all people, all life on Earth, the Earth, and beyond. I intended the money to multiply and be used to empower unconditional love, peace, beauty, harmony, and conscious creation in alignment with the Earth and the Highest Good of All.

I imagined that everyone on Earth had plenty of delicious fresh, real food from the land to eat, an abundance of clean pure water, and sustainable shelter and sustainable energy. I imagined that everyone's survival needs were comfortably met, and everyone was able to focus on their growth, developing and sharing their gifts, talents, skills, abilities, capacities, and passions to contribute more beauty, love, peace, harmony, and wellness to the world. I imagined humans living in peace with one another, in peace with all life forms on Earth, in peace with the Earth as a planet, and in peace far, far beyond.

5. Seal your money. You may use the Power Symbol, Kriya, or any other Reiki symbol to seal the Reiki and your intentions into the money. I also used the Flower of Healing™ symbol, as it has a sealing component. Another way to seal the money is to let the candle you lit at the beginning completely burn out near the money.

At this point, I find it's nice to say thank you again, and sit in meditation or lay down and enjoy the energy of abundance, unconditional love, and the power of money as an energy used for pure heart desires. It is pretty amazing to think what can be created as more and more conscious, truly well-intentioned people who care deeply for the holistic wellness of the Earth to be wealthy and abundant and make more and more powerful contributions.

If you care deeply for the wellness of the Earth, then I highly encourage you to try this ritual! Feel free to send an email to I would love to hear how it works for you, and how you adapted it to be authentic for you.

Be sure to check out the Money Miracles Wallpaper for Phone and Desktop in the Free Downloads.

® Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.

Flower of Healing is pending trademark of Taylor Ann Norris.

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