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What are the Benefits of Reiki?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

One of the core benefits of Reiki is that no prior Reiki experience is needed to receive Reiki your first time. Reiki is very easy to receive in a session and very easy to learn to channel in a class.

Come as you are and receive what you need.

There are countless benefits, including:

  • the dissolution of stress, worry, anxiety, and fear into feelings of peace and trust

  • physical healing and empowerment

  • mental healing and empowerment

  • emotional healing and empowerment

  • spiritual healing and empowerment

  • downloads, insights, practical and spiritual guidance

  • connection to one’s inner voice, inner guidance, and Inner Authority

  • complementary, synergistic enhancement of any other types of spiritual and/or healing practices and therapies you may be using

  • extreme relaxation

  • feelings of contentment

  • deep states of peace that linger on

  • inspiration + the motivation to take inspired action

  • feelings of hopefulness about the future

  • reminders about humanity's innately good nature, pure human nature

  • a feeling of "we got this," and "this is why I am here"

  • motivation to be of practical and spiritual service

  • immense support from Mother Earth herself

  • enhanced communication channels with Mother Earth and enlightened beings

  • deeper connection to and appreciation for nature and the Earth

  • seeing oneself as a valuable part of nature and the Earth

  • feeling like an empowered creator of a more loving, peaceful reality on Earth

  • receiving the fuel you need to take aligned action

  • clarity

  • sudden creative bursts or ideas

  • feelings of happiness, love, joy, and renewal

  • improved sleep and relaxation

  • awareness of your Authentic Beliefs, Perceptions, and Understanding

  • healing of the Culturally Created Self

  • empowerment of the Authentic Self

  • activation of your Authentic gifts, talents, skills, capacities, and abilities

The benefits collect over time, aggregate, and continue to expand, enhance, and provide incredible, limitless, infinite, and beneficial results. Additional 1-on-1 sessions, group experiences, and classes strengthen the positive results. The more you use Reiki and invite Reiki, the more benefits can be received and revealed.

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