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Reiki and Galactic Astrology

Updated: Jun 10

In December 2020, three significant astrological events occurred that changed the course of my life.

The most personal of the transits was the December 14th solar eclipse at 23 degrees 6 minutes of the zodiac sign Sagittarius. This solar eclipse occurred exactly conjunct my ascendant. The conjunction is a 0 degree aspect of compression and unification. In Western Tropical Astrology, the ascendant is the degree of a zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. The ascendant is the key that ignites the birth chart and determines which zodiac signs will occupy the 12 houses of the birth chart, each of which represents a specific life area. The ascendant represents what you present in the world, including your physical characteristics and how others perceive you. At a deeper level, the ascendant is also linked to your evolutionary path of growth in the current lifetime.

To have a solar eclipse occur conjunct my ascendant was to experience a propelling energy of new beginnings. A solar eclipse is a very powerful new moon, a sacred moment to plant a significant seed of intention for the future. In the sign of Sagittarius, this ignited my quest for truth and deeper understanding of the soul, the nature of reality, and the laws of the universe. It drove me to find pathways to begin skillfully asking these questions.

This eclipse was also conjunct one of my favorite fixed stars, Ras Alhague, in the constellation Ophiuchus. This star is known as the Healer’s Star. It is conjunct my ascendant and is also my heliacal setting star. To the ancients, the heliacal setting star was known as salvation in a star; it represents a Divine Being offering you a gift and the skills essential to your life journey. Technically speaking, the heliacal setting star normally is seen to rise or set during the night; however, on the day of your birth, it is the star that rises after sunset, leaving the mortal world, and is visible all night, traveling to the realm of the immortals, only to set when the Sun rises. This solar eclipse powerfully ignited my own inner desire to continue healing myself and to awaken my innate healing capabilities.

The second transit was the December 21st Winter Solstice, which occurs every year and is a pivotal change of season and cycle from fall to winter in the northern hemisphere and spring to summer in the southern hemisphere. Astrologically, the solstice and equinox points are like the opening resonant energy of the season that follows.

The 2020 Winter Solstice became something of a spectacle, because it also coincided with planets Jupiter and Saturn conjoining in the Great Conjunction. These two planets only come together every 19.86 years, and when they do, it is very constructive at a societal level with a focus in the zodiac sign hosting the conjunction. The December 21, 2020 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction was in the sign of Aquarius, thereby igniting a powerful 20 year cycle geared to express the future-oriented energy of Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian, dedicated to improving society, developing technologies, championing causes, bolstering community networks, and expanding into the galactic.

The zodiac sign of Aquarius also rules astrology and energy healing. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, linked to the unconventional and unusual, the new paradigm, breakthroughs, awakenings, and sudden disruptive events that catalyze necessary change and evolution. For example, Usui Sensei receiving the Reiki light at the culmination of his 21 day water fast in prayer and meditation on the sacred mountain of Kurama Yama was most certainly a Uranian type of moment. Usui Sensei had set conditions in place to receive his enlightenment and had leaned into the change, growth, and possibilities, showing us a wonderful way to work with Uranian energy and by extension, Aquarian energy.

With the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction occurring at a seasonal pivot point of the year, the December Solstice, in the sign of Aquarius, and given the many other astrological indicators suggesting the emergence of the Aquarian Age, the already potent year of 2020 pulsed a ripple of awakening energy many of us are consciously riding together. I am no exception.

Shortly after these three events occurred, I began studying astrology, intensely and compulsively, as is my way when I finally find something that is really intriguing and resonating deeply. I had been interested in astrology for many years before, but had never allowed myself to study or practice astrology seriously due to my culturally created self, shadow self, and dormant self energies.

However, my master level training in Holy Fire® III had generated enough healing and revealing of my Authentic Self, that by the time 2021 rolled around, I was immersed in astrological learning and study as much as possible until I reached a level of fluency. Deepening my Reiki practice, I also took Karuna Reiki® Master, began to teach Reiki classes, received the World Peace Reiki Upgrade, and enrolled in Colleen and Robyn Benelli’s 3 Year Program of Next Step Reiki™ and Explore the 12 Heavens class, all of which contributed to tremendous healing, growth, and the confidence to begin giving clients astrology readings in 2022. In 2023, I was guided to take a formal certification course in Galactic Astrology with my teacher Julia Balaz. I also became certified through Bernadette Brady’s Star School, which deals with ancient fixed star techniques, such as the heliacal setting star discussed above.

Reiki helped me awaken—and continue to awaken—to the possibilities with astrology in many ways. As I mentioned, it healed my culturally created self, dormant self, and shadow self enough, so that I could pursue the interests of my Authentic Self. It also helped me to learn the complex astrological material at an expedited rate, particularly with the SHK Mental/Emotional Reiki II symbol and Gnosa, the Karuna Reiki® symbol. For me, it was a process of remembering astrology. My soul clearly had a deep level of comfort and resonance with the basic concepts and techniques of western tropical astrology and fixed star astrology as ways to become more fully soul conscious. Reiki also helped me to awaken masterful aspects of my multidimensional and cosmic Authentic Self.

Reiki was showing me that there was a map and blueprint of my unconscious and the unconscious of my clients that I could begin to unpack, learn from, heal, and harness more skillfully. Reiki revealed that the information and possibilities contained within any astrology chart are infinite. There is no limit to the understanding, knowledge, and wisdom contained within any chart. There are layers and layers of depth and meaning.

I also became aware that Reiki elevates the frequency with which a given person lives their natal chart blueprint, so that the music of their astrology chart is played with more grace, ease, flow, love, and harmony. Additionally, Reiki protects, guides, and blesses people as they experience the astrological cycles through the transiting planets in the present moment. What a gift! In this way, there is no transit to be feared; each transit is an opportunity for growth, healing, empowerment, wisdom, and evolution.

From early on, Reiki showed me that astrology could be used to confirm my intuition, and thereby increase my trust in my intuition and hone it to become sharper, clearer, and more accurate. Astrology allowed me to begin testing and checking my intuition for accuracy. This was absolutely valuable for me, because I, like many others, began receiving intuitive insights, visions, messages, and experiences prior to Reiki training, and in increasing regularity after I took my very first Reiki I & II class. I wanted to make sure that the information I received in a client’s session or reading was accurate. I also wanted to be able to trust my intuition in all the other parts of my life to live a more soul and spirit aligned and guided life of divine flow.

Reiki also allows me to read any given chart of a client, a transit, a future event, a look ahead into the next year, and so on, with an expanded perception open to possibilities, solutions, and the higher frequencies, rather than a doom-and-gloom or fear-based way of working with astrology. By simply invoking Reiki in any number of ways before reading any chart, I am able to entrain to higher levels of consciousness and receive much more accurate and helpful information to tell a client or share with many people through a Reiki share, podcast recording, YouTube video, or instructional presentation in a class that I teach. When Reiki is in invoked and invited to be a part of a reading, the reading flows so much better! I honestly cannot imagine giving a reading — or doing anything in my life for that matter — without Reiki. Often, I recommend that my astrology clients take a Reiki class and become practitioners too.

My training in Galactic Astrology includes a depth of understanding and examination of natal birth charts or transit charts — what I call “regular astrology” — and also an exploration of the fixed stars. Galactic Astrology looks at not only the zodiac signs, aspects (geometrical relationships between planets and points in the chart), and the house placements, all of which are important basic astrological techniques. Galactic Astrology also looks at the alignments between the fixed stars in the various constellations of the Milky Way Galaxy, other galaxies (e.g. Andromeda Galaxy), and black holes (e.g. the Galactic Center at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy) and the natal planets and important points in the chart (such as the ascendant). This provides a wealth of information regarding a client’s soul experience on the Earth, in other star systems, and in some cases, other galaxies and universes. It also shows specific archetypal patterns a client is healing and empowering in their current lifetime in addition to their gifts, talents, skills, ability, life purpose, and soul purpose.

Galactic Astrology also incorporates an intuitive piece that delves into the soul records of a client. Practitioners may use oracle cards, tarot cards, pendulum, dowsing, muscle testing, or other akashic records and information gathering techniques to retrieve the significant information for a client’s reading.

From the very beginning of my Galactic Astrology training and practice, I used Reiki journey techniques that I learned from Robyn and Colleen Benelli to access a client’s soul records. I was guided to do a remote Reiki journey for a client prior to looking at their natal and galactic charts. This enables me to receive completely unbiased information, the raw material of the soul, if you will, first, through the lens of Reiki as the source of the information. It also, most graciously, enables Reiki to do any healing that is needed across a client’s entire soul experience — past, present, future, and parallel. It really helps me as a practitioner not worry about any deep traumas, wounds, and other heavy or dense soul signatures that may come up in a reading, because I have full confidence and trust in the Authority of the Light of Reiki. As a result, there is no piece of information that comes through that feels too scary, and neither I nor the client needs to relive any traumas from any lifetimes.

The results from these readings have been so fabulous, with many clients volunteering the most beautiful testimonials. I often joke that clients come to see me thinking they want a soul reading, but really what they need is the Reiki listening and healing that comes through in the Reiki journeys and in the live online reading. All the fascinating soul information is just a wonderfully activating bonus! Clients do appreciate the depth, breadth, and accuracy of the information that comes through, and it is always a delight and pleasure to be a transmitter of Reiki-informed astrological readings.

Reiki has nudged me further in my study and practice of astrology to begin offering classes that combine the two together. Who can say no to Reiki? I sure can’t! Not for long anyway. A similar process unfolds in the course creation, as I invite Reiki to help me prepare astrological presentations and guided Reiki journeys that focus on and access the higher frequencies of an upcoming transit or star through the 12 Heavens. This includes Reiki-guided research online and in books. It also includes Reiki journeys in which I listen and automatic write information that comes through. Additionally, I have my Reiki listening activated in my daily life. Reiki helps me notice patterns within my own process, my clients’ and students’ processes, and the wider energetic field, so I can come into a deeper understanding of the messages that are most important to be conveyed.

In the classes, I share a Reiki invocation at the beginning, an astrological presentation, and always finish with a guided Reiki journey, so that students may directly experience the planets, zodiac signs, and fixed stars that are the focus of a given class. Through students’ feedback and my own witnessing, combined Reiki and astrology classes are deeply healing for people with and without a Reiki practice to come together, explore an astrological topic more logically/intellectually, and then to safely experience the planets, stars, and star beings and their relationship to it all, through a channeled Reiki journey, in a sacred, safe, Reiki-held container of soul family. I have been guided to keep the classes open to all levels of astrology and Reiki experience, so far, and I am always listening for how Reiki wants me to refine, evolve, and adjust the classes moving forward.

A really fascinating part of the process that I am observing is that by integrating Reiki with astrology, the actual planets, stars, and archetypal energies are also receiving healing, as we invite Reiki’s healing, rewriting, and reimagining of the possibilities of their expression in our lives and in the wider field of consciousness. This work is bringing about safe and sacred galactic contact, as clients and students (myself included!) are able to access and expand into their multidimensional and cosmic Authentic Selves that are present and available beyond the Earth. It’s very magical to be able to zoom far out, expand wide, access deeply held soul and spirit memories, have mystical experiences, and also be supported by Reiki to ground deeply within the Earth, within the human body, within our daily lives to translate this deeply spiritual, awakening energy into the practicalities of Earth human experience now.

As my clients, students, and I increasingly understand ourselves by exploring the questions “Who am I” or “Who I am” through direct experience, we are able to increasingly perceive that there is nothing to fear at all. It is all truly us. Unification consciousness is empowered through the synergy of Galactic Astrology and Reiki. With Reiki invited and the Authority of the Light present, there is nothing and nowhere in creation, including the galactic realms, to be feared. With Reiki invited, there is another pathway to explore galactic contact, galactic realms, and star beings at a higher level of consciousness, in the third heaven or higher. These experiences facilitate healing, growth, expanded consciousness, greater love, enhanced peacefulness, stillness, safety, interconnectedness, and empowered wonder and awe about the true vastness of creation, of which each of us is a uniquely beautiful part.

Remember that upon receiving the Reiki light, Usui Sensei experienced himself as being the energy and consciousness of the Universe. You are the universe, and the universe is you. What a beautiful gift to have Reiki to help us remember and embody this truth.

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