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Identify Your Authentic Self’s Gifts and Talents With Astrology

Astrology can help you identify the gifts and talents of your Authentic Self. Your pure essence shines through your Sun sign.

In astrology, your Sun sign represents your life force, personal identity, and sense of self. It’s how you project yourself, and radiates your confidence, creativity, and physical vitality. You can think of it as an astrological representation of your healed ego potential and your conscious mind. It is the leading actor in your birthchart.

As a result, the Sun sign is a powerful indicator of your Authentic Self and the unique gifts, talents, qualities, skills, and abilities that naturally emanate from you. This information becomes much more detailed, nuanced, and specific when the rest of your birthchart is considered holistically. However for the purpose of this article, we will simply explore the Sun sign.

If you know your Sun sign, you can go to the appropriate section below. Take what resonates and leave the rest. I’ve also included the approximate birthday ranges for each sign. If your birthday is on the cusp of a sign, you may want to read about both signs, and take what resonates.

You can also use this information to spark insights about your clients and students if you have access to their birthdays. This can help you support them in discovering and expressing their gifts and talents too.

Thankfully, Reiki naturally reveals to us and through us the gifts and talents of our Authentic Self. We are each beautifully unique individuals, and Reiki encourages us to shine in the ways that light up our soul and ignite our Spirit, enabling us to be of service on Earth.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Reiki practitioners with Aries Suns tend to go for it and follow their guidance to start various Reiki projects. These individuals have a clear and direct sense of self that emanates courage, confidence, clarity, passion, and inspiration. There are natural leadership gifts here as well. Aries Suns may benefit from integrating Reiki into their physical fitness routines and using Reiki to enhance their leadership qualities. When needed, they may also benefit from inviting Reiki to help them maintain, sustain and finish the many projects they initiate, so their good ideas leave a powerful impact. Aries Suns have a natural sense of sovereignty, and can help others connect more fully to a healthy sense of independence and authority in their bodies and in their lives. Aries Suns may be guided to be spiritual entrepreneurs and to explore Holy Fire® Reiki.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Reiki practitioners with Taurus Suns are masters of business and pleasure. These practical, grounded individuals shine in their effective delivery of Reiki services and being of practical service to the Earth. Taurus Suns can help others feel more grounded and connected to the Earth and their bodies. They can be steady beacons of light for those struggling with Earth Adjustment Disorder who feel like they don’t belong and struggle in their human bodies and lives on Earth. Taurus Suns have a gift with simplicity and enjoying the fullness of the senses. These Reiki practitioners can develop their clair senses as powerful extensions of their five human senses. Taurus Suns are often stable and peaceful regardless of the external chaos. When needed, Taurus Suns can invite Reiki to help them when they feel stuck, stagnant, or overly attached to their possessions and the way things are. Taurus Suns exude an inner sense of self-sufficiency, value, and worthiness. In their Reiki practice, they may help others who need assistance connecting with their own self-worth and the value of their being. They may be guided to explore Reiki business development and commune with the Spirit of the Earth.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini Suns are masters of communication, ideas, dialogue, information exchange, and a lightness of being. These Reiki practitioners will be up to date on the latest Reiki news, developments, facts, figures and technologies. They are always seeking to adapt themselves and their methods to the changing times. Gemini Suns can help their clients be more adaptable, flexible, and receptive to fresh ideas. When they feel too scattered, Gemini Suns can invite Reiki to concentrate their energy in closely and focus themselves. Gemini Suns may have particular gifts in leveraging social media to spread the word about Reiki. They have talents in writing, speaking, teaching, and communicating in creative ways about the benefits of Reiki. These practitioners can help their clients heal blocks in their higher chakras to get the ideas flowing. In their sessions, they may receive psychic information and divine messages for their clients. Their insatiable curiosity will guide them to continue learning about Reiki for the rest of their lives and to share what they know far and wide. They may be guided to explore Astrology, the akashic records, tarot cards, and develop their reading abilities.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer Suns are the nurturers. Deeply intuitive and often psychic, Reiki practitioners with Cancer Suns are masters of the emotional body and healthy emotional regulation. These Reiki practitioners skillfully create a safe space for their clients and facilitate emotional release and healing. Cancer Suns are also strongly connected to a sense of home, Earth, and family, and can help their clients feel a sense of belonging that may have been missing all their lives. When they feel emotionally overburdened and empathically fatigued, Cancer Suns can invite Reiki to lift these burdens into the light. These practitioners may be interested in pursuing ancestral healing and sharing this service with others. They are naturally equipped to work from home as Reiki practitioners, if they choose to have a Reiki business. Likewise, they may choose to shine the light of Reiki through their family roles and natural talents for space clearing and grid work. Cancer Suns anchor the higher frequencies in their homes, the land, and the waters. They may be guided to explore essential oils or sound healing, and commune with the Spirit of the Earth and the Divine Animal Kingdom.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Reiki practitioners with Leo Suns have a natural brightness and light about them that is present from birth. Reiki takes Leo Suns to a whole new level of shine! Leo Suns radiate passion, inspiration, playfulness, magical creativity, and good humor that naturally attracts others to explore Reiki. They make the work of learning, growing, healing, and evolving with Reiki fun and joyful. As Reiki helps Leo Suns heal their egos, they can take the spotlight and be powerful leaders, not for ego aggrandizement, but for the pure sake of service and upliftment of others. Having a greater awareness of their own gifts and talents, Leo Suns can help their clients and students identify their own natural propensities and become more confident. Leo Suns create powerful containers wherein others are empowered to shine brightly and share the spotlight. These Reiki practitioners have a natural sense of sovereignty and strength that highlights their implicit trust in the power and potency of Reiki’s light. They may be naturally guided to Kid Reiki and to help others connect to their Inner Child.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo Suns are natural healers from birth, and so with Reiki training, they become super charged. These practitioners are analytical and detail oriented with the ability to improve systems and strategize logistics. Virgo Suns are organized and efficient. They often have a good awareness of how things work, including the physical body and energy body, making them very skilled Reiki practitioners and teachers. They are likely to continue their training and continually seek self-improvement and to enhance the quality of their work. Virgo Suns can invite Reiki to help them with any sense of perfectionism and self-sacrificing tendencies that may be blocking them from the fulfillment and ease that they desire. More than anything, Virgo Suns want to be of practical service to humanity and the Earth. These practitioners are able to lean into the practical applications of Reiki and make a real difference in the lives of others. They may be naturally guided to integrate Reiki into their gardening or creative projects and explore medical intuition or Animal Reiki.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Reiki practitioners with Libra Suns have a natural sense of balance, beauty, harmony, and peace. With Reiki, they transmit these qualities throughout all their one-on-one relationships and client work. In their Reiki sessions, they can function with a foot in both worlds - in the physical realm on Earth, as well as in the nonphysical higher realms - making them excellent receivers of psychic and mediumistic information, if they so choose. Libra Suns are likely to have many connections and a vast network of relationships that can all benefit from Reiki one way or another. Libra Suns are naturally other-oriented, and Reiki helps them define their own clear sense of self. Reiki encourages them to take the time and space they need to reflect on their own needs, desires, and qualities, so they can embody their innate uniqueness more fully. As people pleasing tendencies heal, Libra Suns radiate balance in all that they do and can be powerful channels of equal giving and receiving in their relationships. Gifted in design and aesthetics, Libra Suns produce beautiful Reiki creations. Libra Suns may be guided to explore World Peace Reiki and integrate Reiki into crystal healing or Feng Shui.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio Suns are naturally suited to Reiki and all things metaphysical, esoteric, and spiritual. Reiki practitioners with Scorpio Suns are investigators who dive deeply into any and all Reiki topics that interest them. In Reiki sessions, Scorpio Suns are skilled in getting to the root cause of their clients’ distress. There is a natural connection and awareness of soul and a drive to heal the shadow self and relate to power in a healthy way. These practitioners can invite Reiki to let go of deeply held traumas, soul contracts, and any unhealthy patterns of intensity. Having done their own inner work at a deep level, Scorpio Suns are able to know themselves fully and hold very powerful containers for their clients and students to transform, grow, and heal. They may have natural psychic and mediumistic aptitudes that can be developed, if they so choose. Scorpio Suns are committed and loyal for life. They are likely to have a deep sense of devotion and connection that keeps them motivated to continue their healing and be more of their unified divine wholeness. They may be drawn to spiritual business and positions of power.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Reiki practitioners with Sagittarius Suns are philosophers, travelers, explorers, and truth seekers. They are naturally geared to follow the path of wonder and awe to learn about metaphysics and the laws of the universe. More than anything, Sagittarius Suns want to see the bigger picture and expand their horizons. Naturally, they can help clients see themselves and their lives from a higher, more expanded viewpoint. Sagittarius Suns may do well traveling with their Reiki practice. Additionally, these practitioners may find themselves writing, teaching, and philosophizing about Reiki and related spiritual topics. Reiki can help them heal their judgments and any sense of “I’m right, and you’re wrong.” Reiki highlights the commonality between different ways of learning and understanding the nature of reality. Naturally enthusiastic and free-spirited, their passion inspires others to be curious and take an adventure with Reiki. They may be drawn to learn Reiki journey techniques, assist in Reiki translations, and introduce Reiki into wild spaces far and wide.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Capricorn Suns are naturally organized, dependable, and hard-working. They have a sense of purpose and mission that shines through their inherent leadership qualities and dutifulness. Capricorn Suns are likely to have Reiki businesses or effectively represent Reiki in public spaces. These practitioners can invite Reiki to heal and let go of unhealthy burdens and conditioning, so they may find more joy and a greater sense of emotional fulfillment. Naturally responsible, Capricorn Suns can form organizations and groups to effect positive change on Earth in very practical ways with a lasting positive impact. As they achieve success, they can help others tap into success consciousness, focus, determination, consistency, and the practicalities of goal setting. They can hold others accountable and help others tap into a healthy sense of discipline to achieve what’s most important to them with Reiki. They may be guided to Reiki business development and organization.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Reiki practitioners with Aquarius Suns are highly intelligent, mentally gifted, and naturally community oriented. These practitioners know the power of the group in uplifting the collective. They are likely to be on the leading edge of innovation and new paradigms of well-being. Aquarius Suns can invite Reiki to help them uncover their own gifts, talents, and uniqueness, as their identities can be so immersed within a group or a cause that the sense of self can feel distant. As they become aware of their unique beauty and tap into the power of their hearts, Aquarius Suns are encouraged to let their eccentricities and quirks shine through. As their confidence grows, these practitioners share their unconventional ideas and future-oriented conceptions. They tap into the infinite field of information, and may find themselves drawn to explore Astrology, the akashic records, and Reiki journey techniques that build skills in information retrieval. Aquarius Suns are natural messengers of the future and can help Reiki integrate with technology to bring in a bright future for all.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces Suns are naturally spiritual, psychic, and tuned into subtle frequencies. Reiki can help them develop their sensitivity and clair senses, so they can manage their lives with greater grace and ease. These practitioners can invite Reiki to assist them in managing their empathy and establishing healthy boundaries. Highly intuitive, Pisces Suns often receive information about clients through their clair senses and have vivid experiences of Reiki. They can easily access altered states of consciousness and may have prophetic dreams and insights. They are often musically inclined and artistic. Pisces Suns naturally entrain to the unification consciousness of Reiki energy. Above all else, Pisces Suns wish to be of spiritual service to humanity and the Earth. Reiki can help them focus their effort, as they let go and let Reiki lead. Pisces Suns are incredible guides for their clients and students, and help them heal their imaginations. They inspire others to develop their own spiritual connection and belief systems about the divine orchestration of the universe. Pisces Suns may be guided to Reiki journey techniques, medical intuition, and Animal Reiki.


No matter your Sun Sign, you are beautiful! Each of the zodiacal archetypes expresses through you in different areas of your life and aspects of your being. Follow the divine guidance of Reiki, as you connect more fully to your inner truth and shine your pure essence. You are a gift to humanity and the Earth. Thank you for the blessing of being you.

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