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Empath Prayer

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

This is my favorite prayer to use in any type of Reiki invocation, session, experience, or class that I am sharing with others. This prayer reminds me and powerfully declares that I am not using my own energy in the healing and empowerment. As a result, Reiki fully does the work, providing a deep, complete, and pure benefit to the recipient(s).

The prayer is adapted from and inspired by the article, Maintaining a Clear Channel by my teacher William Lee Rand.

You may say this prayer after you activate Reiki. The prayer may come after an invocation or another Reiki technique.

Empath Prayer:

I ask that my ego and all of my personal energy be set aside, so they aren’t involved in the session, and only the pure Reiki energy flows through me.

I surrender completely to the pure light of Reiki.

I surrender completely to the pure light of Reiki.

I surrender completely to the pure light of Reiki.

Thank you, Reiki, the source of Reiki, Brothers and Sisters of the Light, Master Earth Mother, and all the Enlightened Ones who are present. Thank you for the healing and empowerment you share so freely and generously. Thank you.

Note: You may adapt this prayer to include your spiritual guides and helpers. Honestly, the "thank you" list could go on and on. The amount of help Reiki brings is truly limitless. This prayer is meant to offer a very basic framework that you can adapt to honor your truth. The key element is taking one's own personal energy out of the healing/empowerment experience, surrendering to the pure light of Reiki, and saying thank you for the magic and miracles that will be received.

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