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Astrological Consultation

How are the planets co-creating through you?

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

This Astrological Consultation may focus on: - How are the major transits affecting you personally? In what area of your life (career, health, relationships, inner world, home & family, etc.)? - What major cycles are you currently moving through in your life? - What major cycles are around the corner? - Is this a time of new beginnings? Being in Full Bloom? Or drawing energy inward? - What is the best use of your energy at this time and in the near future? - What is your soul purpose? - How are the major transits guiding you in your soul purpose right now and in the near future? - What energies and dynamics are challenging and what gifts and supports do you have access to? - Any other questions you may have. Your authentic curiosity is most welcome! I always ask that what comes through is for your highest good and greatest benefit at this time. I look at any given chart with Reiki energy activated to open my Authentic Intuition and Higher Mind with the intention of the highest possible expression of your healing and empowerment in your reading. My astrological training & background is in humanistic, evolutionary, galactic, and intuitive astrology. We may look at transits, progressed chart, relocated chart, dwarf planets, and/or asteroids, depending on your questions and my intuition. To learn more about your galactic soul connections, please book a Galactic Astrology Soul Reading. To learn more about your fixed star connections, please book an Ancient Starlight Reading. If you are looking to receive healing and empowerment through astrological awareness, then this reading is for you. If you are looking to better understand your connection to the stars, then this is for you. If you are wanting validation of your intuition and inner guidance, then this is for you! If you want an objective look at your current life and what lies ahead, then this is for you! The astrological information is the most specific when you provide your exact birth time and birth location. Please do this in the intake form. After the session, I will email you a recording of the session & your astrological chart. *All sessions take place in the private & are donation-based.* Donations are non-refundable. If none of the times work for you, email me

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