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Ancient Starlight Mini-Reading

Your *True* Star Sign

  • 30 min
  • 75 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

This Ancient Starlight Mini-reading focuses on: - Your Heliacal Rising Star - Your Heliacal Setting Star - Any stars on the angles when you were born. There is an ancient link between humanity and the stars. Long before the planets were considered, the stars were viewed as divine. They appeared not to move in a world where everything was changing. This heaven was consistency, eternity, divine. The divine lived in the stars. Upon death, your spirit or soul rose to the stars. To heaven. Many people still hold this belief: upon death, your spirit ascends to the heavens. The Old Kingdom Unas Pyramid Text of 16th Dynasty Ancient Egypt talks about the ascent of the soul of the pharaoh up into the stars. When the pharaoh died, his spirit or soul returned to the stars to rejoin the circumpolar stars that never die and never set, and then to be reborn again as the next pharaoh. The continuum of the pharaonic soul. In denying the finality of physical death, the Egyptians gave us the idea of soul — complex and vast. The Heliacal Rising Star is the star that reappears from the Underworld and rises just before or with the Sun on your day of birth. This star was considered the ruling deity for a period of time until the next star in the annual cycle re-emerged from the Underworld. Astrologically, the heliacal rising star rides with your Sun and is a part of your character. It truly is your star sign. The Heliacal Setting Star is the star that has just returned to the Earth via the horizon after a period of being in the circumpolar realm of the Immortals. This star appears to set just before or with the rising Sun on your day of birth. This star can also be considered the ruling deity for a period of time until the next star in the cycle appears to descend from the Immortal realm. Astrologically, the Heliacal Setting Star represents the birth of a divine being on the mortal Earth. It is a hidden, but great skill attribute, divine gift, or theme that lies within you. This reading reveals both of these stars and their meaning for you. This reading includes a 30 minute live Zoom meeting. You will also be provided a link to download an information-rich powerpoint PDF of 6-8 slides & the audio & video recordings of the reading. *All sessions take place in the private & are donation-based.* Donations are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule, please reach out at least 24 hours before your session. Mahalo.

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