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Flower of Healing™ Samadhi Technique: The Ultimate Manifestation

Flower of Healing™ Samadhi Technique: The Ultimate Manifestation

This is a 55 minute audio mp4 recording of the Flower of Healing™ Samadhi Technique: The Ultimate Manifestation.


All are welcome to receive. No prior Reiki experience needed.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that promotes physical, mental, emotional & spiritual healing and empowerment. Reiki restores the healthy flow of life force energy throughout the body & biofield.


The Flower of Healing™ is a unique form of Reiki I began to channel in 2020. It unifies Holistic Health and Spiritual Awakening to support humans on their health journeys and spiritual journeys. Be empowered to upgrade your frequency to upgrade your reality.


Recipients of Reiki have a variety of experiences, and always receive what they need most in the present moment. Reiki works directly with you, where you are at, what you need, and what will be the most beneficial to you right now.


Recipients of Flower of Healing™ Reiki are reporting the following beneficial results:

  • deep rejuvenation
  • deep relaxation
  • deep rest 
  • deep healing of subconscious and soul issues
  • healing of physical ailments and maladies
  • improved mood
  • improved sleep
  • greater energy, vitality, and health
  • enhanced trust and faith in themselves and life


♾️🤍 I invite you to Receive Reiki to invoke Samadhi, the Ultimate Manifestation of your pure heart and soul desire. 


🌟 Change your frequency to change your reality!

Do you want to…

🌺 Release & heal all that you need to release & heal within a blissful state of deep relaxation?

Do you want to…

🌸 Reveal the deepest truth of who you are & empower the most loving, highest frequency life path moving forward?

🌺 This experience is for you if you are looking to MANIFEST into physical form in your every day life something from deep within your heart, soul & core of your being.

🌸 Samadhi is a relaxing, blissful state of the original balance, the original perfection, from which your deepest manifestations arise freely.

🌟 Upgrade your frequency to upgrade your reality!

🌺 This technique combines Yoga Nidra & advanced Reiki Journey techniques. Combine Yoga Nidra with Reiki energy, and an extremely potent & powerful ancient technique is amplified infinitely!

🌸 Yoga Nidra is a Sanskrit term that means "yogic sleep" or "psychic sleep."

Yoga Nidra benefits include:

🌺 calm mind

🌺 body relaxation & rejuvenation

🌺 soothing to the nervous system

🌺 energizing

🌺 regulates cholesterol & blood pressure

🌺 boosts immunity

🌺 improves sleep

🌺 uplifts mood depression

🌺 relieves pain

🌺 increases concentration

🌺 supports the brain

🌺 awakens creativity.

🌸 Reiki Journeys are incredibly powerful tools for releasing, letting go, healing, revealing & empowering. Delight in guided visual imagery that takes you deep within yourself to the heart of you.


The Flower of Healing™ Samadhi Technique Has The Following Structure:

  • Brief Introduction about Yoga Nidra and Reiki Journeys, and how ancient yogic and shamanic traditions are integrated with Flower of Healing™ energy to create this new technique
  • Flower of Healing™ Samadhi Technique: The Ultimate Manifestation (spoken part; you may play your own music)
  • Receive Flower of Healing™ Reiki in silence (you may play your own music)
  • Be called back and invited to journal about your experience or continue with your experience for as long as you like.


Donations are non-refundable. 

All offerings occur in the private. 

If you have any questions, email


Please be prepared to be comfortable, lay down, and receive. It is best to have a quiet, peaceful space free from distractions. You may play your own music during the Reiki technique and silent period.


The recording may be repeated as many times as you like. These techniques are powerful, and benefits continue with continued use.


Taylor Ann Norris, M.S. is a Usui/Holy Fire® III/World Peace Karuna Reiki® Master and Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association. She is a certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and obtained Yoga and Ayurveda Certifications in India at Shrimath Yoga. She has given hundreds of holistic health coaching sessions and Reiki sessions. Reiki guided her to develop the Flower of Healing™ to help humans adapt to change and thrive during transition. Flower of Healing™ Reiki unifies Holistic Health and Spiritual Awakening. Flower of Healing™ Reiki reveals the Authentic Health, Wealth, and Well-Being aspects of Pure Human Nature. Taylor has extensive background, training, certification, and practice in Psychology, Holistic Health Coaching, Ayurveda, and Yoga. She is the author of three Raw Food Ayurveda recipe books, and is an ordained, licensed Marriage Performer in Hawaii. Her dream is to co-create Heaven on Earth.


™ Flower of Healing is pending trademark of Taylor Ann Norris.

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