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Guiding You Home to Heaven On Earth Within


Welcome, Soul Family!
What Brings You Here?

Galactic Astrology

Soul Readings

I want to see myself more clearly through the loving eyes of the cosmos. I wish to learn about the true nature of my soul's origin, soul's purpose, and past/parallel/future lives. I want to feel validated, seen, and heard for who I truly am. I want to receive healing & empowerment through greater self-awareness. I'd love guidance, clarity & insights, for my highest personal & spiritual growth in my life. 

Distant & Remote

Reiki Sessions

I want to receive powerful healing physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. I need to relax deeply and release stress. I know I need deeper healing & everything else seems to have not gotten to the root cause. I am in need of guidance & support to shift my energy to a higher timeline. I want to empower the highest expression of my Authentic Self living my Soul Purpose. I'd love to receive divine insights, advice, and guidance that help me in my life.

Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Classes

I want to develop my capacity for receiving & sharing healing in a way that is not draining. I'd love to learn to manage my sensitivity skillfully & be more energy-aware. I am also interested in opening my intuition & receiving guidance from my Higher Self & spirit guides. I am ready for my next level of healing & empowerment in this life. I wish to become my Authentic Self. I want a spiritual connection that is authentic & free from dogma!



I want practical guidance for right now! I want to know how the transits are working with my energy system now. I also want to learn more about my innate soul and spirit blueprint through the lens of the horoscope. I want to learn about my astrological energies and how to best navigate my reality here and now for my highest good and greatest soul and spirit alignment. I want to know what astrology can offer me in terms of practical guidance, wisdom, insights, clarity, and intuitive validation. I am curious about the larger cycles of my life and my current life cycle.

Ancient Starlight Readings

I want to learn about the true nature of my Soul and Spirit before the horoscope, before I came into matter and physical form. I want to unlock the Ancient Egyptian and most ancient mysteries, codes, and wisdom within myself to better inform my current human existence and the practicalities of my daily life. I want to know which stars that are working with me and through me specifically in this lifetime, and open myself to their blessings. I want to uncover, unlock, and reveal my true star sign, so I have an even deeper, more embodied awareness of my unique I Am Presence to shine more brightly than I've ever shone before.

Free New Moon

Distant Reiki Share

I want to be amongst Soul Family for the New Beginning time of the New Moon. I wish to connect more deeply with the Moon cycle in a healing and empowering way. I wish to connect with my Reiki and Star Family. I wish to receive healing, empowerment, divine guidance, and blessings for the moon cycle ahead. I want to open myself to receive the highest possible expression of the moon cycle ahead. I wish to receive  support in setting intentions each moon cycle and empowering my intentions in the potent support of sacred circle with kind humans and enlightened guides.

Taylor Norris


Taylor Ann Norris, M.S. is a Usui/Holy Fire® III/World Peace Karuna Reiki® Master and Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association. She empowers others with Usui/Holy Fire® III/World Peace Reiki Classes and sessions online. She continues her training and skill development with advanced Next Step Reiki classes.


Taylor is also a passionate Certified Galactic Astrology Soul Reading / Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner. She integrates advanced Reiki techniques and intuition into her Galactic Astrology Soul Readings for clients' healing, guidance, and empowerment. She is also certified through Bernadette Brady's Star School to work with ancient fixed star techniques. 


Her favorite questions to ask for herself and clients are: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Where do I come from?” and "Where am I going next?" Her dream is to co-create Heaven on Earth and empower Cosmic Peace, guiding you home to Heaven on Earth Within, Through Reiki and Astrology.

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