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Galactic Astrology Soul Reading

Quantum Soul Guidance

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 300 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

Who are you? Why are you here? Where did you come from? Where are you going? These questions are illuminated in a Quantum Soul Guidance Galactic Astrology Reading. You choose your TOP 5: 1) Aura & Soul Colors & their meaning 2) Soul Origin 3) Soul Connections to other star systems 4) Connection to certain ET organizations, High Councils, Collectives 5) Chronology of your soul’s history outside of Earth 6) Your Spirit guides team & how you can consciously work with them 7) History of past lives on Earth 8) Your Soul Purpose & Soul Growth for this life 9) Galactic past lives 10) Future lives I always ask that what comes through is for your highest good & greatest benefit at this time now. The Galactic Astrology Soul Reading includes: * A remote Reiki Journey channeled for your healing and empowerment that also provides information about your soul history and guidance that wants to come through for you right now. * An oracle card spread and interpretation * Analysis of your natal astrological chart * Analysis of your galactic astrological charts * A Quantum Soul Guidance Form that is about a 10 page PDF of the above information * A Powerpoint Slides PDF that is up to 10-25 slides long focusing on the astrological & galactic soul synthesis (*number of slides varies according to how much soul territory we cover in the reading, based on the flow of the reading) * A 90 Minute Zoom Live 1-on-1 interaction going over all of this information * Downloadable video and audio recordings of our 90 minute time together * Downloadable Quantum Soul Guidance Form and Powerpoint Slides PDF If you want to receive healing & empowerment through greater awareness, then this is for you. If you are looking to better understand your connection to the stars and the Earth, then this is for you. If you are wanting validation of your intuition & inner guidance, then this is for you! The astrological information is the most specific when you provide your exact birth time & birth location. *All sessions take place in the private & are donation-based.* Donations are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

All donations are non-refundable. To reschedule, please reach out at least 24 hours prior. Mahalo.

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