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Raw Food Ayurveda: Volume 1

Raw Food Ayurveda: Volume 1

Unlock the power of raw foods and Ayurveda! The ancient Indian science of life, Ayurveda, is a global science of universal principles designed to help us adapt to our ever-changing environment. Infusing a raw food lifestyle with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda produces a sustainable, balanced approach to a low fat raw vegan diet. You will feel satisfied, grounded, nourished, and energized!


Everyone has a natural balance of elements, or dosha. Taylor provides countless helpful tips to customize the raw food lifestyle and her recipes according to your dosha. You will find 52 mouth-watering recipes for hot bevvies, nice creams, smoothies, sweet bowls, and treats. Each recipe comes with suggestions to help you achieve and maintain the highest degree of doshic balance, health, and happiness. Be inspired to consume more delicious raw foods, tune into your body’s natural intelligence, and feel the healing and joy in every bite.


*All ebooks are private digital downloadable files available for download for 30 days, so please download them immediately. Ebooks are donation-based, and no returns or refunds will be offered.

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