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Sat, Apr 20


Zoom Meeting

Co-Creating Heaven on Earth: Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

Radically Expand Your Consciousness Into the Power of Love

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Co-Creating Heaven on Earth: Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus
Co-Creating Heaven on Earth: Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

Time & Location

Apr 20, 2024, 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM HST

Zoom Meeting


About the event

Co-Creating Heaven on Earth - Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus - Galactic Astrology & Reiki

Saturday, April 20, 2024 from 8-11am Hawaii time

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Radically Expand Your Consciousness Into the Power of Love

Watch a video I made about this transit & a bit more regarding the class.

This class is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Tap into, explore & invite in the higher frequencies of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus
  • Expand your astrological understanding of Jupiter, Uranus, this conjunction & what it means for you
  • To invite in the awareness of the galactic energies flowing through Jupiter & Uranus
  • To actively participate in the opportunity for Radical Expansion of Consciousness in this now moment
  • To anchor the Power of Love within your body & within the Earth
  • To say yes to Heaven on Earth now
  • Receive insights, clarity & illumination about what Heaven on Earth means to you
  • Let go of limitations regarding your body, being human, life on Earth, and what your consciousness is capable of
  • Heal restrictive ways of perceiving yourself, humanity & the Earth
  • Human, Earthly & Galactic Ancestral Healing
  • To bring in an embodied experience of Heaven on Earth, expansive heart & expansive consciousness
  • To empower consciousness beyond duality and polarity
  • To awaken the new paradigm within yourself & reveal what the new paradigm means for you
  • Experience new levels of Groundedness, Embodiment, Stability & Security while also embracing the new, the leading edge, massive expansion & infinite possibilities
  • Safely invite in enlightened galactic contact, especially with Agena (Beta Centauri/Hadar) in Centaurus Constellation, Capulus in Perseus Constellation, and other enlightened star beings and star energies that are ready to commune with you
  • Let go, release, and heal physical, mental, emotional & spiritual limitations, restrictions, blocks, and stagnation
  • Catalyze kundalini awakening in a soft, safe, harmonic way for your highest good
  • Reveal & awaken the higher frequencies of Jupiterian Good Fortune, Expansion, Growth, Intuition, Optimism & Joviality
  • Reveal & awaken the higher frequencies of Uranian awakening, prophesy, authenticity, community & interconnectedness
  • Expand your inner guidance receptivity, trust & ability to act upon your guidance with good luck & divine timing
  • Learn what this transit means for you by house placement & your own direct inner guidance
  • Access divine guidance for 2024 & beyond
  • Gal-Activate Heaven on Earth Within for 2024 & beyond

Planets Jupiter & Uranus are making a conjunction in the sign of Taurus on April 20, 2024. These two only meet up every 13 years, so it's quite the opportunity we have to make the most of this transit now! The last time these planets were conjunct was in January 2011.

*This transit is highly significant for all Earth humans, and is especially significant at an individual level for those with planets or points at 18-24 degrees of any sign and those with any placements in Taurus. 

We each have the planets Jupiter & Uranus and the zodiac sign of Taurus somewhere in our chart, so these are important energies for each of us to embody and integrate, especially for those who are committed to the healing of the Earth (Taurus). You will have the opportunity to befriend your own inner Jupiter & Uranus in this class.

This energy ripples throughout this year and for the next 13 years. The planets will make their next conjunction in September of 2037! 

This transit has to do with healing the body, humanity, the Earth, belief systems, and the ways we've stunted our own growth. It is about going beyond logic & reason, and saying yes to a full mental transformation into the new paradigm of consciousness, community, and life on Earth.

Bring in & reveal Heaven on Earth Within, so it is more accessible & visible to you in your daily life & reflected back to you in all aspects of external, material reality.

In this class, you will:

  • discover the core message of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus
  • receive questions for reflection
  • learn about Jupiter in astrology
  • learn about Uranus in astrology
  • learn about the zodiac sign Taurus
  • uncover the astrological & galactic energies streaming through this transit, in depth, from an intuitive perspective
  • explore the higher guidance mysteries & messages of this transit
  • be informed about how to find this conjunction in your chart & what it means by house placement
  • explore the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction astrological & galactic charts & what it means
  • explore the key galactic energies connected to this transit, including Agena (Beta Centauri/Hadar) and Capulus Star
  • learn key dates related to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction
  • ask your questions & receive answers
  • invite in the higher frequencies of Jupiter, Uranus & Taurus archetypes
  • receive a live, channeled Reiki journey to help you let go, release, heal, integrate, bring in & empower the highest possible expression of this transit
  • the Reiki journey will help you connect with your inner Jupiter, Uranus, enlightened galactic guides, enlightened galactic soul aspects & receive direct guidance
  • share your Reiki journey experiences
  • be held in a safe container to listen to your own inner voice & inner guidance around how to best integrate & navigate this transit & what's "ahead"
  • be in the presence of supportive community & like-hearted soul family in a sacred, safe space to show up & just be you
  • receive a personalized PDF showing you where this conjunction is occurring in your birthchart & what it means by house placement
  • receive recordings of the class & powerpoint slides PDF for you to download & use as often as you feel guided to do so

*Class will be recorded.* Be present live or if the time/date does not work for you, simply download the PDF & recordings & enjoy them at your convenience. They will be available for you to download within 72 hours of the class date. You will be included in the circle & receive the full benefits even if you are unable to attend live.

Class Format:

  • Brief Closing the Circle Reiki Invocation
  • Astrology & Galactic Information Presentation
  • Q & A
  • Break
  • Channeled Reiki Journey*
  • Sharing time
  • Opening the Circle

No prior Reiki experience or astrological knowledge needed.

All who are astrologically curious & open to Reiki are welcome to attend.

*For the Reiki journey portion, if you would like music to accompany it, please be prepared to play your own.

Also, you may want to have a journal or device handy for guided automatic writing during the journey to record your divine guidance received. Pure, fresh water is always good to have on hand for this type of work, as spiritual toxins may be released.

Reiki & Galactic Astrology Class Testimonial:

“Discovering Taylor

Whilst Diving Into Galactic Astrology has Been an Amazing

Beautiful & Informative Surprise

Taylor’s Meditations Are Profound

She Is Unique



Super Creative

Intelligent & Intuitive

Wisdom & Detail Oriented

Attending the Dreaming In the New Healed Timeline

North Node Conjunct Aries In Chiron Class

Has Deepened My Journey With Self & All Life


Making It Fun & Easy to Join In

On the Explorations

At a Time

When I Am Learning & Expanding

Ever More

Into the All Encompassing

Frequency Of LOVE

On Earth Mother & In the Greater Cosmos

As I Hone My Craft

Co Creator & Musician

In This Glorious 21st Century & Beyond”

~ Sunni Leilani

This class occurs in the private & is donation-based.

All donations are non-refundable.

Please reach out if you have questions -



  • Co-Creating Heaven on Earth

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