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Is Reiki Master Right For Me?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

As soon as my first Reiki 1 & 2 training wrapped up, I knew I wanted to take Reiki Master. Discovering an energy so pure and finding myself in a place where I could safely share my perceptions of expanded consciousness, I knew I would be taking Reiki as far as I possibly could in this lifetime.

After the six month wait period elapsed and I found myself in the first day of my online Reiki Master training with Colleen Benelli, I still didn't really know why I was there. Only that I had to be there. It felt very, very important, although I did not know why specifically or logically.

Two years later at the time of writing this article, I can safely say that deciding to take Reiki Master training has changed my life profoundly and for the better in every possible way.

While some Reiki students develop a practice giving sessions, others do not. Reiki is a valuable tool to have for yourself, whether your only client is yourself or you are sharing Reiki sessions with others.

The same is true for teaching Reiki. Some Reiki practitioners are guided to take Reiki Master training to become Reiki teachers themselves and to receive attunements to the Reiki Master energy, Master symbols, tools and techniques, so they may develop more skills to use in their sessions.

Other students decide to take Reiki Master purely for themselves. They desire to receive the attunements and training for their own spiritual and/or healing purposes. To heal oneself with Reiki is true service to humanity and all life on Earth. To become fully visible to oneself is a great blessing.

There is no right or wrong reason to take Reiki Master.

The only requirement, as I see it, is to feel guided by Reiki to take a Reiki Master training. This is enough. You don’t need to know exactly why. Chances are you may only have a glimpse as to why you may be taking the training. This is more than enough. It’s a bonus!

Here are some of the benefits of taking a Reiki Master training and becoming a Reiki Master:

  • Receive the benefit of being in a truly safe space to come as you are and share in a supportive healing environment.

  • Connect with others who are drawn to Reiki and spiritual growth.

  • Receive valuable community support that will strengthen your intuition and belief in yourself as a channel of Reiki energy.

  • You will be trained and certified to teach your own Reiki classes.

  • You may ask to receive a Certificate of Completion for professionals to turn into your licensing or certification board for potential credit toward your continuing education or contact hours for your license or certificate. Each state board, state, national board or licensing agency makes its own decision on whether to accept this form and how many hours, if any, to accept for Reiki classes.

  • Receive attunements to the most upgraded Master level energy and the Usui Master Symbol and Holy Fire Master symbol

  • You will be empowered with advanced Reiki techniques to use on yourself and in sessions with others.

  • Learn how to perform a spirit release that is win-win for the client and the spirit.

  • Receive the Holy Fire Healing Experience and other Reiki Experiences to give in your sessions, classes, and with groups.

  • The nature of the Reiki Master energy and Usui Master symbol is to ignite a spiritual process called An Shin Ritsu Mei, a type of enlightenment characterized by self-generating feelings of peacefulness regardless of external circumstances and realization of one’s life (soul) purpose.

  • The nature of the Reiki Master energy and Holy Fire Master symbol is to ignite and reveal the highest expression of your Authentic Self Empowered for World Peace.

  • Receive an energy, tools, and techniques designed to reveal your Authentic beliefs, perceptions, values, strengths, gifts, and talents.

  • This energy also heals the culturally created self, a product of conditioning and programming.

  • This energy heals the dormant self, aspects of self that were repressed and may have gifts that would help you now.

  • This energy heals the shadow self, aspects of self that were disowned and may have extremely deep gifts and awarenesses that would be useful in this life.

  • Holy Fire heals religious trauma and reveals your pure human nature.

  • The Reiki Master symbols are truly interdimensional, quantum, and work across time and space, like the Usui Distant Symbol, HSZSN.

  • As such, the Master symbols take your distant Reiki to the next level of potency and strength.

  • The Holy Fire travels ahead of you along your life path shrinking obstacles to make them more manageable and easily navigated as you face them in time.

  • The Master energy will expand your awareness of the functionality of the Usui Power, Mental/Emotional, and Distant Symbols.

  • The Master energy may guide you to synthesize across disciplines and topics you are interested in, or lead you to topics of interest and passions you didn’t know you had to answer some of your deepest questions and unlock more joy and meaning in your life.

  • The Holy Fire ignites unification consciousness, so that you experience unification within yourself, your relationships, your work, and all aspects of your life.

  • The Holy Fire unifies your human nature and divine nature, your human spirit and divine spirit, and gives you a tool to learn for yourself what that even means.

  • You will learn a special technique to empower World Peace and be attuned to World Peace Reiki energy, which anchors the frequency of peace more strongly on Earth and enables you to be a natural activist for peace, just by being.

  • You learn a moving meditation, which strengthens your aura and the power of your voice. It’s a great technique to use daily, or before anything that requires you to be really strong and in your power.

  • Reiki Master training is dogma-free! Specific training is given around what we know works well. You are also empowered to connect with Reiki your way. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

  • All are welcome and held in the loving light of Reiki. You are empowered to reveal your own understanding of the nature of yourself and reality, and become an empowered vessel of universal life force energy.

Reiki Master is a deeply healing experience. Those who gather for class are always a divinely ordered group which special gifts to mirror to one another. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to discuss further if Reiki Master is right for you in your spiritual path.

Feel free to email me with your questions:

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